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Who is David Lemanowicz?

David’s parents are initially from Poland but migrated to Canada and decided to settle down in Vancouver in 1973. They welcomed their son David Lemanowicz on the 8th of March 1976. The boy grew up in Canada as a single child under the Pisces constellation family. So, the guy initially held Canadian nationality like his parents. The Lemanowicz family follows Christianity as their sole religion. Other than that, no meaningful information on the family has surfaced to this day.

Young David attended a local high school located in his hometown. His immense dedication to hockey led him to the Florida Panthers, where he got drafted at nineteen. Thus, his career as a professional hockey player started in 1995. During his hockey journey, David exhibited fearsome athleticism and placed 218th in the NHL Entry Draft.

Pretty simple, right? Well, there is a flip side to this story, too. David became the first all-star goaltender in the history of Spokane Chiefs and remained pro for seven long years, but hockey was not his priority. Yes, it might surprise many people, but the kid dreamt of being a government service personnel.

In one of his interviews, David recalled his upbringing and social environment. He shared that he felt relieved to have found the opportunity to grow up in a First World country. His parents had come from an oppressive society, which made him appreciate his upbringing. The future hockey player had never set his eyes on earning a ton of money.

Full Name David Lemanowicz
ProfessionRetired Goaltender, Ex-military
Popular ForJill Wagner’s Husband

Birthday and Zodiac

Age (As of 2023)47 years old
Date of BirthMarch 8, 1976
Zodiac signPisces
Birth PlaceVancouver, Canada


School/University University of Texas-Pan American, University of Toronto

Physical Stats

Height6 feet 2 inches
Eye ColorHazel
Weight88 Kilogram

Net Worth

Estimated Net Worth$9 Million

Family and Relationship

WifeGina ( Ex-wife), Jill Wagner (Current wife)
ChildrenLija (From Gina), Army Gray ( Jill Wagner )

Social Media

Social Media N/A

David Lemanowicz Biography TimeLine

David Lemanowicz is a former professional ice hockey player and current mental health advocate. He played for various teams throughout his career, including the Rochester Americans, San Diego Gulls, Canadian national team, and the Olympic team. Today, David Lemanowicz continues to speak publicly about his experiences with addiction and depression, sharing his story to help reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness and encourage others to seek help. His advocacy work has had a profound impact on the mental health community, and he remains an inspiration to many.

1965 – David Lemanowicz was born on May 14, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

1983 – Lemanowicz began his professional hockey career by playing for the Rochester Americans in the American Hockey League (AHL).

1986 – Lemanowicz joined the San Diego Gulls, where he played for two seasons.

1987 – Lemanowicz played for the Canadian national team at the Spengler Cup.

1988 – Lemanowicz was a member of the Canadian Olympic hockey team that competed in the Winter Olympics in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

1991 – Lemanowicz played for the Canadian national team at the World Championships in Finland.

1992 – Lemanowicz retired from professional hockey due to a knee injury.

1998 – Lemanowicz became a certified drug and alcohol counsellor.

2005 – Lemanowicz began working as a mental health counsellor at the Caron Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps people struggling with addiction.

2015 – Lemanowicz became a board member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Bucks County, a non-profit organization supporting and advocating for people affected by mental illness.

2017 – Lemanowicz became the executive director of NAMI Bucks County.

2020 – Lemanowicz retired from his position as executive director of NAMI Bucks County to focus on his own mental health and well-being.

Is David Lemanowicz in the Military?

David Lemanowicz

As it happens, he was on his way to becoming Lt. David Lemanowicz of the U.S. Army Reserve. The guy received American citizenship and hoped to get a day job that revolved around the FBI, the DEA or any other federal agency. For this, he spent a month at Fort Lewis, attending a leadership development course in Tacoma. The guy also served some time at Fort Leonard Wood, shadowing a military police commander.

During this process, David returned from his training and started his master’s degree at the University of Texas-Pan American. He completed his degree in global security through the ROTC program. The whole detour outside of the Central Hockey League was sort of like a five-year “retirement” from the pro league.

As it happens, he worked as a tour guide and later joined some of the less-successful teams to appear in a championship with Laredo of the CHL in 2006. The following season, he joined Florida’s farm club in the American Hockey League but could not make his mark. The athlete struggled for three more pro season and decided to call it quits.

With a weak flame still inside his heart, David joined the University of Toronto and started his ice hockey journey once again. He contributed to the team for two years with a degree in international relations in his hand. He served the Toronto Maple Leafs as a practice goalie at first but later developed his skills in the process.

Hence, the athlete started touring once again on the pro bus. During this period, he bounced from one team to another in pursuit of a shining career. From Memphis to Laredo to Poland to Elmira, the guy finally settled down with the Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees. But, unsatisfactory coaching and misunderstanding led to the retirement of the aspiring sportsman.

In a 2009 interview, David shared that he loved hockey and didn’t want to disconnect from the game forever. He further added that he loved the game but wanted to be a part of something bigger. And by more significant, he meant serving in the military. The ex-athlete said that he felt privileged to be the part of the American army and a name in the historical narrative.

David Lemanowicz’s First Wife, & Daughter

David Lemanowicz Relationship

Ex-wife Gina and David Lemanowicz Married on 2005

Most people do not know the fact that David was once a married man. We have already discussed his enrollment at Toronto University during his final years as a professional hockey player. As it happens, the guy had found his love in the process, too. He met a girl named Gina in 2005 and started dating.

Gina had been living in Toronto since the age of seven. Born in Tampa, she helped the athlete gain his American citizenship when they got married. The couple resided in Edinburg along with their four dogs. The two welcomed their first child in January of 2010, a daughter named Lija. The couple parted ways somewhere along the way with reasons unknown to the media. Lija currently lives with her father.

David Lemanowicz Partner Jill Wagner

Little did he know, David would soon find his significant other in the years to come. He met his future wife, Jill Wagner, at the age of twenty. After dating for a while, the two decided to elevate their relationship and got engaged in 2016. The couple did not waste any time planning their big day, too. On the 8th of April, 2017, David and Jill exchanged their vows. The wedding took place at the Rose Hill Plantation, located in Nashville.

David Lemanowicz Wife
David Lemanowicz With His Family

David, now 47 years old and his wife Jill, 40, had a baby girl in April.

David Lemanowicz & Jill Wagner’s Net Worth

David’s primary source of income is his profession as a hockey player. After his retirement, he also mentored some hockey teams. His annual earnings are hard to pinpoint, but his net worth estimation is $9 million. It seems the former hockey player has no problems providing his family with the necessary luxury.

On the other hand, his partner, Jill Wagner, has an estimated net worth of $4 million. Collectively, the duo flaunts a hefty amount of $13 million.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Jill Wagner’s husband?

The name of Jill Wagner’s husband is David Lemanowicz.

How did Jill Wagner meet David Lemanowicz?

When David visited his daughter in Los Angeles, Jill Wagner and David Lemanowicz met in a restaurant. Jill Wagner heard someone calling her as she was leaving the restaurant, and when she turned around, it was David Lemanowicz.

What nationality is David Lemanowicz?

David Lemanowicz belongs to the Canadian nationality and has Canadian citizenship.

What does David Lemanowicz do for a living?

David Lemanowicz is a professional Ice Hockey Player.

Who did David Lemanowicz play hockey for?

David Lemanowicz plays hockey for the Florida Panthers.

Who was David Lemanowicz’s first wife?

The name of David Lemanowicz’s first wife is Gina.

Who is David Lemanowicz?

David Lemanowicz is a retired professional ice hockey goaltender who played in the NHL, as well as a former member of the United States Army.

What military branch did David Lemanowicz serve in?

David Lemanowicz served in the United States Army as a Ranger.

What was David Lemanowicz’s rank in the military?

David Lemanowicz achieved the rank of Sergeant First Class in the military.

When did David Lemanowicz retire from professional ice hockey?

David Lemanowicz retired from professional ice hockey in 1999.

What did David Lemanowicz do after retiring from ice hockey?

After retiring from ice hockey, David Lemanowicz joined the United States Army and served as a Ranger.

What is David Lemanowicz’s background in ice hockey?

David Lemanowicz grew up playing ice hockey in Canada and played in the NHL for several years before retiring.

What is David Lemanowicz’s military background?

David Lemanowicz served in the United States Army as a Ranger and completed multiple deployments overseas.

Has David Lemanowicz received any military awards or honours?

Yes, David Lemanowicz has received several military awards and honors, including the Bronze Star and the Army Commendation Medal.

What is David Lemanowicz’s current occupation?

David Lemanowicz is currently involved in various charitable organizations and is a motivational speaker.

Does David Lemanowicz have any children?

Yes, David Lemanowicz has two children.

What is David Lemanowicz’s approach to leadership?

David Lemanowicz’s approach to leadership is based on his experiences in both professional sports and the military. He emphasizes the importance of teamwork, communication, and adaptability.

How does David Lemanowicz use his experiences to help others?

David Lemanowicz uses his experiences in professional sports and the military to motivate and inspire others. He shares his personal story and uses it as a tool to help people overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

What is David Lemanowicz’s involvement with the military community?

David Lemanowicz is actively involved with various military organizations and charities. He frequently speaks at military events and participates in programs that support veterans and their families.

What advice does David Lemanowicz have for aspiring athletes and military personnel?

David Lemanowicz’s advice for aspiring athletes and military personnel is to stay focused on their goals, work hard, and never give up. He also emphasizes the importance of developing strong relationships and seeking mentors who can provide guidance and support.


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