Privacy Policy

The privacy policy governs the way gathers, keeps, utilizes, and unveils the gathered data to its precious clients. The policy is applicable to the website, terms, and the features presented by this portal.

Individual ID Data and Classification Information

We collect some basic information on our clients for the content purposes. This might include ID data in the form of website cookies. Mostly, clients are requested to provide their email address. Since the process is not mandatory, clients can simply refuse the offer and surf the website. However, certain site-related features might get cut off due to policy issues.

Non-Individual Information and Distinguishing Proof Data

These type of information is gathered from the user when they communicate directly with our website. These might include the program name, the PC type and the data on user’s method to contact use; like the working framework, the ISP provider of the user, and other comparable data.

Web Program Treats

Treats are a mean to upgrade the user experience on our website. The other thing this helps us is for record-keeping purposes which can be used later for data tracking purposes. Of course, the client can deny these alerts or treats but compromises some of the website facilities in the process.

How we utilize and Protect Gathered Data

The gathering and utilization of data is done mostly for the supplementary purposes. This includes customizing client experience and send messages or follow-ups. All these processes help to make the website hassle free. The visitors will get certain messages related to organizational news, related item, overhauls, administration data, and other topics. They can choose to unsubscribe from this service too with the steps described.

Ensuring and Protecting Client Data

To protect our client’s data, username, information, secret key, and exchange key on our website, we use proper information accumulation, handling practices, stockpiling, and efforts for a safe access. The website is protected against modification, exposure, unapproved access and devastation of personal data. The private data trade between the site and the users is done under SSL secured channel with supporting network security measures.

Sharing of Your Data

We do not share your data with anybody else. What we may share is nonexclusive demographic data which is in no way connected to the clients, our business, trusted offshoots, and sponsors. We can share your data with outsider administration suppliers that offer us business assistance only with your direct consent.

Third Party Information Collection

During your surfing time on our website, we link you to third-party services and websites and they have a different privacy practice from ours. We do provide a gateway to the site but you have to consult with their privacy policies to understand their practices.

We wish to inform you that these third parties may be used for advertisings from Google AdSense and other platforms to you. In this process, some mechanisms like tracking pixels in emails is used but information from browsing details and Operating systems are not used.

Changes on the Security Arrangement has the right to change the above mentioned protection strategy according to situations. When we do, we will change the redesigned date on the bottom of this page for user convenience. So, we recommend the clients to check the page time and again to get informed on the changes.

Acknowledgment on These Terms

With all said and done, it is with your acknowledgment that we can follow the above-mentioned processes. If by any chance you don’t consent with our terms and conditions, we advise you to kindly prevent using our website. You willingly surging our site means that you have a full acknowledgment of the progressions.