Who is YouTuber Matty Smokes?- Read His Bio, YouTube MattySmokes, Age, Girlfriend, Love Life, Net worth, Social Media

Matty Smokes bio

YouTuber Matty Smokes Wiki

About Intro
Birth Name Matt Mauviel
Profession YouTuber
Marital Status Not Married
Sex Male
Parents Name Sandra Mauviel (mother)
Nationality Canadian
Religion Christianity
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 69 kg
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Net Worth ‎$600,000
Social Media Instagram Youtube

Matt Smokes Bio, YouTube Channel MattySmokes, Vaping Skills

The internet has provided a global platform where people can showcase their talents irrespective of their age, ethnicity, gender, or any other attributes. People can do things in a unique way and gain popularity.

One of such personalities is MattySmokes. The young lad is famous for his vaping skills. Popularly known for his internet name, his real name is Matt Mauviel. He was born in 1997 and is twenty four years old. The guy is Canadian by his nationality and belongs to white ethnicity. His mother’s name is Sandra Mauviel.

Matty has made a name for himself in the digital scene. He is a YouTube star, social media personality, and content creator operating from British Columbia. The Canadian-native has a channel named “MattySmokes” and currently holds 167 thousand subscribers.

Matty Smokes Net Worth ($ 600,000)


Matt enjoys an estimated net worth of $ 600,000, according to January 2020 statistics. The majority of his income comes from his YouTube channel and endorsements. He also sells some merchandise that adds to his revenue. Whatever the sources, those figures for a boy in his twenties is no joke.

Talking about his career, Matt launched his YouTube channel on the 4th of June, 2018. The title of his first video was “WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO MATTYSMOKES!” The footage aired on the 17th of September, 2018. This video laid the foundation of his whole channel and attracted more than 475 thousand viewers.

Following his success was his second video entitled “Convincing My Mom to Quit Cigarettes With the???” The video content is what the title suggests. In the video, he convinced his mom to quit cigarettes with Vaping as an option. The material was genuine and collected more than 842 thousand viewers. This approach helped him attract more and more subscribers in the process.

What helped Matt in his career ascend are two other YouTubers named Cody Ko and Noel Miller. These Internet stars started reacting to Matt’s contents and also made memes. This exposure helped the young lad to collect more loyal followers in his channel.

Also, Matt seems to be okay with the memes made on him. He appreciates the fact that Cody Ko and Noel Miller are the main reasons behind his fruitful channel reviews. The guy also shared in a Q&A session that he still gets those memes daily. On the contrary, he finds those funny.

Matt Love Life and Girlfriend

Matt Smokes girlfriends

When it comes to his romantic life, Matt is not hesitant to share his photos on social media. One look at his Instagram and you will immediately know what I mean. He is in an open relationship with Kristin Linkletter. Kristin is an Instagram model by profession and celebrates an Instagram following of 97.7 thousand.

Matt has shared several photos of them on his social media. Their captions show their deep understanding and intimacy. Although the two have their own professional lives as Internet stars, they support each other despite the hectic schedules.


Matt is a handsome, young man. The guy has a good stature of 5 foot 7 inches and maintains a healthy weight of 69 kg. The Brown hair and brown eye colour combination suits his personality. Take that with smooth skin quality and a sharp jawline, and you get an internet personality. The guy also rocks a tattoo on his right arm, but the details or story behind the inking is unknown.

Let’s get into the details of his physical appearance. Matt wears the shoe size of 7 according to UK standards. He has a chest-waist-hips ratio of 42-30-35 and a biceps size of 14.

Matt Smokes Social Media Presence(53.4K Instagram Followers)

Matt has a decent fan-base on his social media outlets. He enjoys a total of 53.4 thousand followers on his official Instagram page. The photo count is certainly low, considering his growing internet fame. In the majority of his clicks, he shares his love life, friends, and lifestyle.

The guy also interacts with his fans via his tweeter and YouTube Channel. From prank videos, trends to vape tricks, Matt serves a variety of video content on his media plate. Social media is not only his digital face but a platform to endorse several products.

Some Random Facts About Mattysmokes

  • Young thug and Lil Peep are his favourite rappers.
  • Although he describes himself as lazy, he loves his YouTube job.
  • His favourite You Tuber is FaZe Rain and OG Nick.
  • The lad enjoys league of legends and operates as “MattySmokesss”.
  • Superbad is his favourite movie because of its weird humour.
  • He loves Italian Cuisine and dreams of spending his holidays in Australia.

Frequently asked Questions

  • What is Matty Smokes real name?
    Matty’s real name is Matt Mauviel.
  • Does Matty Smokes?
    Yes, Matty is popular for his vaping skills.
  • Where is Matt Mauviel from?
    Mauviel is from Vancouver, Canada.
  • How old is Matty Smokes?
    Matty is 23 years old.
  • How many subscribers does Matty Skmokes have?
    Matty have more than 100 thousand subscribers on YouTube.
  • Where does Matty lives?
    Matty resides in British Columbia, Canada.


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