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Nicky Marmet with Wife Robin Tunney

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About Intro
Celebrated Name Nicky Marmet
Birth Date August 26, 1981
Nationality American
Birth Place United States
Gender Male
Sexuality Straight
Profession American Interior Designer
Wife Robin Tunney
Son Oscar Holly Marmet ( Born on June 23rd, 2016 )
Daughter Colette Kathleen
Height Approx 5 feet 9 inches
Son Oscar Holly Marmet
Hair Color Light Brown
Age 39 Years ( As of 2021 )
Net Worth $4 Million ( Approx.)
Social Media Instagram Profile

Who is Robin Tunney’s Partner Nicky Marmet?

Nicky Marmet Bio

Literally, the only thing we know about this man is his profession as an interior designer. I mean the guy has his private life more secured than an FBI Agent. Well jokes aside, we have yet to confirm on the childhood and birthday details of Nicky. The guy started gathering a lot of media attention when he got engaged with Hollywood actress Robin Tunney. Yes, before you pop out the question “Who is Nicky Marmet dating?” we ought to clear that up for you thirsty ladies.

Nicky and actress Robin Tunney got engaged in 2012 after dating for some time. The exact date is December 25th, on Christmas Day. They were enjoying a trip to Rio de Janeiro when Nicky decided to propose the love of his life. What a romantic time and place isn’t it? Well, not quite or at least not for Robin.

Robin later shared to the US Weekly that she was not feeling well during the trip and supposedly turned the guy down. Nicky then proposed her for the second time and succeeded to acquire his preferred girlfriend. Who knows, she might be his wife in the days to come. For Nicky, this is his first time to pop the big question. He even offered his grandmother’s diamond ring to his beloved.

As for Robin, this is her third relationship. The actress has made to this point after two bumps, and this might explain her turning down on the first proposal. She seems to have a mature view on marriage and might not have wanted to jump to a conclusion.

Nicky’s Wife, Robin Tunney is Famous American Actress

Nicky Marmet With Robin Tunney
Nicky Marmet With Her Wife Robin Tunney

Nicky Marmet with Robin Tunney

Robin Tunney has stardom of her own. She is a well-known American actress recognized for her contribution to the TV series “The Mentalist” as Teresa Lisbon. The American-native has also appeared in hit movies like Encino Man (1992), Empire Records (1995), End of Days (1999), and the series Prison Break (2005-2006). So, we can safely assume that she has an astounding career.

The woman might have a perfect career, but her romantic timeline is far from perfect. She parted ways with two partners before finding Nicky. She married and spent eleven years of her life with producer and director Bob Gosse. The couple had tied their knot on October 4th, 1995 and got divorced in 2006.

Sailing through her romantic seas, the actress drifted upon the shores of Australian writer and director Andrew Dominik. The duo quickly clicked with each other and just after a year of togetherness, decided to get engaged. The two broke up their engagement in August 2010.

As they say, love will find its way, the beautiful actress somehow came across her current partner and fell in love with her. The two have been engaged for a long time now and share two lovely children. They welcomed their first child, a son named Oscar Holly Marmet on June 23rd, 2016. After four years, the duo have received their second present, a baby girl named Colette Kathleen. The girl was born on January 8th and is currently just one month old. Congratulations to the lovely couple. We wish to see the lovebirds walk down the aisle soon.

Quick Facts about Nicky Marmet

  1. Nicky Marmet is an Interior Designer.
  2. Nicky Marmet Engaged to popular American actress Robin Tunney.
  3. Nicky was born in United States and holds American Nationality.
  4. Nicky have two kids- Oscar Holly Marmet and Colette Kathleen.
  5. Nicky Marmet Net Worth is approx. $53,370 in a year.
  6. His eye and hair color is hazel and light brown.

What is Nicky Marmet Net Worth?

You expect us to provide his salary and earning in figures when we cannot even present you with his exact birthday? Unfortunately, we do not have his net worth details, and we are sorry for the fans. But we do have some statistics on the annual income of an average interior designer. It seems they earn up to $53,370 in a year.

On the other hand, we have no trouble finding Nick’s wife’s earnings. With her successful career, she has an estimated net worth of $8 million. With numbers like those, it is safe to assume that money is the last thing Marmet family has to worry about.

Nicky, a Pleasure to the Eyes of Ladies!

Nicky Marmet Wiki

Nicky is an excellent looking eye and for those of you trying to deny this fact, be honest with yourself, please. The guy is in his 40s but still have the charm of a twenty-year-old. He has an athletic build and light- brown hair. Belonging to white ethnicity, the guy rocks his hazel coloured eyes.

We do not have any information on his actual height and weight measurements, but he has a well-maintained physique. Along with his profession as a designer, no woman could resist this complete package of a male. Nothing attracts the female attraction other than a man who is good with children and has his professional and private life maintained.

Frequently asked Questions

  • How old is Nicky Marmet?
    Nicky is 39 years old as in 2021.


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