Who is Domino Kirke’s Son Cassius Riley?: Find His Bio, Net Worth, Age, Facebook, Instagram

Cassius Riley Wiki

Explore Cassius Riley (Domino Kirke’s Son) Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Birthday, Father, and Net Worth

About Intro
Celebrated Name Cassius Riley
Age 11 Years
Birth-date 2009
Birth Place USA
Gender Male
Father Morgan O’Kane
Mother Domino Kirke
Cousins Rafella Israel Mosberg, Memphis Kirke Mosberg
Grandparents Simon Kirke, Lorraine Kirke
Great-Grandparents Vivian Percy Kirke, Olive May
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Net Worth N/A
Social Media N/A

When both of your parents are celebrities, you cannot afford to have a private life unless your parents deliberately keep you under radars. Such is the case with Cassius Riley, the son of famous singer Morgan O’Kane and American singer Domino Kirke. He is very young and does not understand the ways of the world, but he will surely get accustomed to the flashing cameras sooner or later.

Cassius Riley’s Bio, Birthday, Nationality

The beautiful boy was born in the year 2009, which makes him around the age of eleven as of 2020. The name Cassius comes from Latin, which means hollow or empty. We don’t have any idea on how the name resembles the child or the motivation behind this choice, but it is what it is.

Cassius is very young at the time and is attending his regular classes. We do not know the school he currently attends. The boy is an America-native and thus holds an American nationality. He seems to be growing in a healthy environment and enjoying his time with his family members.

Cassius Riley Father And Mother

Cassius Riley Parents

As for his parents, we already know that he inherits musical genes from his father. His biological dad is Morgan O’Kane. He mostly dedicates his time to the American folk music and has released albums like Pendulum; Nine Lives, The One They Call the Wind and Outsiders. With so many collections in the market, we can assume that he has a good career.

Asides from his musical exploration process, Morgan has contributed to several television and film placements. He got featured in the first episode of the FX TV show called Louie. The show carried on for five seasons. Morgan also wrote the theme song for WGN’s OUTSIDERS called Taker’s Creed.

The basics or the influences of this guy are pretty transparent. He looks up to two other singers Rev. Davis and Aunt Molly Jackson. The singer started his journey as a street artist who paid for his food with busking. Therefore, he has always kept his feet to the ground. After all, its humility and talent both that we look in a good artist.

Quick Facts About Cassius Riley

  • Cassius Riley was born in the year 2009.
  • Cassius is currently 10 Years old.
  • Cassius Riley is son of Domino Kirke’s.
  • Cassius Riley biological father is Morgan O’Kane which is popular musician.
  • Cassius Riley Eye and Hair Color is Blue and Blonde.

About Cassius Riley Father Morgan O’Kane

Cassius Riley Father

Morgan is a native of Virginia and is famous for his banjo skills. He is currently living in Brooklyn and sometimes plays on the streets and subways as a recreational hobby. Asides from his musical pursuit, the guy, actively work as a shouter and an activist. Like his influence Aunt Molly, he keeps a positive connection with his Appalachian home and takes part in the campaign that bans mountaintop removal mining.

Cassius Mother Domino Kirke

Cassius Riley Mother Domino Kirke

Coming back to the topic of Cassius’s parents, his mother Domino Kirke is an English-American singer and songwriter from London, England. She was born in 1987 to parents, Simon Kirke and Lorraine Kirke. She is most notably known as the co-founder of the indie-pop music band DOMINO.

Domino has a successful music career. She is signed to producer Andres Levin’s label Fun Machine. She has also formed a band with Jordan Galland and released an EP with Mark Ronson. Her solo debut EP is titled The Guard. The 31-years-old singer started her singing journey when she was nine years old. She attended Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School.

As it happens, Domino has moved on with her life after she broke up with former partner Morgan. She started her relationship with Penn Badgley in 2014 and got married on the 27th of February, 2017. Penn is an actor and musician by his profession. The two are taking care of Cassius as parents and often share photos on social media. You can find several pictures of them together on Facebook and Instagram.

Despite being his step-father, Penn shares a warm bond with Cassius. On his birthday, Penn wished his son a happy birthday and the caption was very tear-jerking. He praised the little guy on his charismatic behaviour and thanked him for bringing joy in his and his wife’s life. Cassius is also close to his biological father. They often share pictures of the adventures they experience together.

Cassius Riley Net Worth

Cassius is just ten years old, so it is of no surprise that the boy has a low-key social profile. His net worth details are still under review, and he is living off of his parent’s money now. His mother, Domino has an estimated net worth value of $1.56 million. So, he must be living a luxurious life.


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