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Niana Guerrero Bio

Niana Guerrero Wikipedia

About Intro
Full Name Niana Jose E. Guerrero
Celebrated Name Niana Guerrero
Age 14 Years Old
Birth Date 27th of January, 2006
Birth Place Philippines
Nationality Filipino
Father Nino Guerrero
Mother Elcid Guerrero
siblings Natalia, Ranz Kyle
Birth Sign Aquarius
Gender Female
Religion Christianity
Profession Social Media Star and Youtuber
Height 4 feet 10 inches
Weight 35 kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Black
Net Worth $1.5 million
Social Media Instagram Profile, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube

Niana Guerrero Age(14 Years Old), Wiki, Mother, Bio, Family & Parents

Niana Guerrero Age

niana guerrero siblings

We all know, the internet has no restrictions on the fun. While the majority of us only use technology for entertainment, some people start at an early age to make a career out of this platform. Niana Guerrero is a girl in her early teens and probably having the best time of her life with global success. She is a social media star and an active YouTube content creator. With several successful videos on her outlet, she has over 6.1 million subscribers.

Where is Niana From?

Niana is living proof that your age does not hinder you from achieving your dreams. The girl was born on the 27th of January, 2006 to parents Nino Guerrero and mother Elcid Guerrero. She is originally from the Philippines. The girl is old enough to perform shows in other countries and mentions getting home-sick while calling her parents via video calls. The little girl belongs to Filipino nationality and likewise belongs to Asian ethnicity group. So, that probably answers the frequently asked question “where does she live?”

How Tall is She?

Other popular searches on the girl include her height and other aesthetic features. I mean, the girl is in her early teens but still, people are curious. Talking about the young lady’s height, she is 4 feet 10 inches and maintains a healthy body weight of 35 kg. We have to keep in mind that she is still in her budding years and her body features are yet to blossom into a mature woman. A reliable source listed her body measurements as 28-21-23 from chest-waist-hip ratio accordingly. Also, she has a shoe size of 4 according to US measurement standard. Her dark brown eyes compliment her black hair like a cherry on top of a desert.

Guerrero grew up alongside her four siblings. Her older sister is Natalia, and her brother’s name is Ranz Kyle. We are fully aware of her brother because he helps his sister in the video making. The two are a perfect pair and upload dancing videos. Information on her two other sisters is a bit hard to find as she rarely mentions them. The entertainer is currently receiving her education as a schoolgirl and manages her studies at the 7th grade.

How Much Niana Guerrero Net Worth in 2020?

Niana Guerrero Net Worth

With all her success, the girl holds an estimate net worth of $1.5 million. That is a considerable amount for a girl who is in her mid-teens. Of course, all her finances are getting handled by her parents until she gets old enough to manage. Her primary income source is her contract with different companies and tours. The girl is living a life full of luxury and gets to do what she loves.

Asides from all these, Guerrero has a healthy personal life. She is too young to date someone and will probably find a great partner in the coming future. As for now, she is very close to her brother and sisters. In her free time, the cute lady likes to paint and also do some community activities. She once filmed a video on her participation for a project initiated by Cribs Foundation Inc. To help the firm, she sold several items from her garage and called it “Garage Sale for a Cause”. The little girl sure knows her way around her finances.

Social Media Account and Photos of Niana Jose E. Guerrero

niana guerrero photos

Social media is what turned a shy kid like Niana into a global sensation. Her journey starts from an even earlier age; when she was just three years old. Her parents confirmed that she used to dance in front of the family, and her brother would capture those moments on his cam-recorder. But her shy nature and hesitant nature often stepped her feet in front of a broader audience. Her dream of dancing in front of millions would always find a dead end due to stage fright.

So, what happened that transformed the kid? From the support of her parents and siblings, young Niana created a Facebook page in 2010 and started uploading her dance videos. The next thing you know, the page garnered over 2.2 million likes and thousands of followers. The brother and sister duo expanded their influence to Instagram too and received a positive response from the viewers. The aspiring dancer then initiated her YouTube channel in 2013 and posted videos filmed by her brother. Niana recently hit the eleven million subscribers mark on YouTube.

Guerrero immediately caught the eyes of sponsors and got approached with a contract. That is how she met the guys at “AwesomenessTV” and started her economic journey through internet content. Soon, the brother-sister duo brought a little spice on their channel via prank and comedy videos. This helped them magnet more subscribers and step up in their success ladders. Their most prized video got posted on the 18th of January with the title “Photo Booth Tag with my Sister”.

With some other video hits along the journey, the sibling team embarked on their first tour in January 2017. Her drive and experience are recorded and aired via her vlogs. They toured under the management team of WebTV Asia Awards 2016. The girl took her act in front of thousands of spectators and labelled the tour as a learning experience. The girl could not her hold her smile and proud feeling when she shared that all the attention and praise made her feel like a celebrity. But, among all the cheers, photos and fan autograph sessions, the girl frequently shared that she missed her home.

With the previous experience, Niana made her next public appearance at the “Fanfest Philippines 2017”. There, she performed to the song “New Jam” and later attended the screening party for “Elena of Avalor”, a Disney channel series. So, we can see that the girl worked on her weaknesses and gradually stepped up her game. It’s not that often that we get to learn from someone drastically younger than us.

Quick Facts About Niana

  • Niana Guerrero is a young YouTube star with 6.1 million subscribers.
  • She celebrates her  birthday on 27th of January, & is 14 Years old.
  • Niana Jose E. Guerrero was born in Philippines in 2006 and lives in Philippines.
  • Her Height is 4 feet 10 inches and Weight is 35 KG.
  • Her Net Worth is $1.5 million
  • Niana Father and Mother is Nino Guerrero and Elcid Guerrero

Frequently asked Questions

  • Where is Niana Guerrero from?
    Niana is from Quenzon City, Philippines.
  • Is Ranz and Niana real siblings?
    Niana is half sister of Ranz.
  • What is net worth of Niana Guerrero?
    Niana’s estimated net worth is approximately $480 thousand.
  • Who is the father of Niana Guerrero?
    Niana’s father is Nino Guerrero who is school teacher by profession.
  • How tall is Niana?
    Niana stands 5 feet and 3 inches tall.
  • What is the real name of Niana?
    Niana’s full name is Niana Jose E. Guerrero.
  • When is Niana Guerrero birthday?
    Niana was born on 27 January 2006.
  • What is Niana Zodiac sign?
    Niana is Aquarius.
  • How old is Niana Guerrero?
    Niana is 15 years old as in 2021.


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