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Who is Feroza Aziz?

Feroza Aziz is a young Afghan-American woman who gained attention in 2019 after a video she posted on TikTok went viral. In the video, she appears to be giving a makeup tutorial, but then starts talking about the human rights abuses being committed against Uighur Muslims in China. Her video was removed by TikTok, and she was temporarily banned from the platform. The incident sparked a conversation about censorship on social media and the treatment of Uighur Muslims in China. Since then, Feroza Aziz has continued to speak out on social justice issues, including the rights of Afghan women and girls.

Full Name Feroza Aziz
Profession Make-up Artist and Social Media Influencer
Popular For Makeup Skills

Birthday and Zodiac

Age (As in 2022) 19 Years Old
Date of Birth In 2002
Zodiac sign Taurus
Birth Place USA
Nationality Afghan American
Ethnicity Muslim


School/University Bachelor Degree from public US state university

Physical Stats

Height 5 feet 5 inches
Eye Color Brown
Weight Approx. 51 kg
Hair Color Black

Net Worth

Estimated Net Worth (As in 2022) Approx. $1 Million – $5 Million

Family and Relationship

Father N/A
Mother N/A
Boyfriend N/A
Children N/A
Siblings N/A

Social Media

Social Media Instagram

Feroza Aziz Uighur Treatment

Technology and social media is kind of like a tool that has varied functionality depending upon the intention of the user. While some of us like to venture into the positive sector of the privilege, some wish to use the social platforms for revolution. Such is the interesting story of Feroza Aziz who got banned from TikTok after she decided to put some light on the abuse of Uighur Muslims currently residing in Xinjiang, China. Well, the thing might have already sparked some curiosity on your mind. Hop in the journey to explore the background and bravery of this teenage girl.

Feroza Aziz Wikipedia, Age, Birth date, TikTok, Height, Weight

Feroza Aziz

Feroza suddenly became the hot sensation after her bold move on TikTok in 2019. Following this event, people started questioning her reasons, her cultural backgrounds, family, and other credentials. The girl has intentionally kept her family out of the whole protest scene. However, we do have some news on her roots. Aziz was born in 2002, which makes her around seventeen years old as of 2020. Her exact birthday details are still under review, though.

Since the girl is focusing on Muslim human rights, there is no doubt that the girl belongs to the Muslim religious community. Her parents come from Afghanistan. The girl got brought up in New Jersey, USA and is continuing her studies as a junior high. Despite the foreign upbringing, the activist is very concerned about her culture, religion, and the stereotype mentality towards Muslims. She deliberately keeps her family information away from the media.

Aziz is a simple teenage girl but has the endurance of a soldier. Not all wars are fought on battlefields, and the girl is a living proof on the idea. She stands at the height of 5 feet 6 inches, weights 51 kg, but her career heights and word-weightage are the things that should concern us. And it does not harm to appreciate that the girl is easy on the eyes too.

Feroza Aziz Instagram, Tik Tok and YouTube Controversies

Okay, we got to know her cultural roots, but what got her so involved in the China controversy. It all starts with her Tiktok account. On the 27th of November, 2019, the 17 year-old-girl got her social media to account banned for a controversial topic. The video got cleverly presented as Aziz knew social media immediately bans anything that evokes mass perplexity. Her video started with a simple makeup tutorial on eyelashes. Who knew, a tutorial on eyelashes would turn out to become an eye-opening lesson on Muslim oppression.

A few seconds into the video and Feroza tells her audience to put down the lash curler and search the concentration camps in China. She further mentioned that innocent Muslims are getting separated from their families, kidnapped, murdered, raped, forced to eat pork, drink alcohol, and change religion. The stupid reason behind all this mistreatment sums up in one word “re-education” as per Chinese government rules. According to the teenager, there are more than one million Uighurs and other minorities held at internment camps. Seriously, what is the Chinese government thinking?

The video was bound to spread like wildfire among the human activists and the general public. It got 1.6 million views via Feroza’s TikTok account and thousands of supporting comments. The forty-second video focused on the plight of the Uyghur people and according to the girl,

“This is another Holocaust, yet no one is talking about it.”

This video shook the whole internet and later got removed under the “human moderation error” for an entire fifty minutes. This is the third account ban issue for the girl with a revolution on her sights. One of her accounts got halted from functioning, due to alleged breach of policy regarding terrorist-related material. She had a video jokingly revolving around marrying the previous terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden. TikTok’s US content-moderation team head, Eric Han later apologized for the situation. He stated that the whole situation is due to “human error” and the TikTok system automatically bans accounts of those previously denied from their services if operated from the same device.

As for Feroza, the whole things looks messed up. The technological reason behind her account ban does not convince her. She has her account back with an apology from TikTok on the error. To this, Aziz stated that the statements included in the company’s apology did not make any sense to her. She does not care about the account suspension and will continue to spread awareness through the internet. In an interview on BBC, the Muslim girl stated her stand against TikTok. With a strong belief in her eyes, she mentioned that she would bring the issue to global attention. In another session with CNN Business, she said that she remains unsatisfied with TikTok as they did not address her explanation in full.

As such, the girl is hell-bent on including her concerns on Afghanistan, Colombia, Kashmir, Venezuela, and the US migrant issue in the US. She also intends to bring the subject on Instagram, Twitter, or any other platform. Her goal is global attention on the pressing matter, not the medium of escalation. Also, the Chinese government has no issues with the whole thing and revealed that it does not publish any content based on Chinese sensitivities. The TikTok Company is a part of Chinese government regulation with the owner belonging to Chinese ethnicity.

Feroza Aziz Tik Tok and Net Worth

Feroza Aziz Net Worth

Feroza started her journey as a makeup artist and TikTok videos. To this day, she has accumulated a lot of fans around the globe. As she grew emotionally, she expanded her horizons to Instagram and Youtube too. She has more than 26 thousand followers on her official Instagram page and more than 22 thousand well-wishers on TikTok. There are tons of videos about the girl on YouTube. As per current data Feroza Aziz Net Worth is around 500 Thousand dollar.

The girl comes back with new content every week and has uploaded quality videos since her school days. You can find the girl on TikTok under the username “getmefamouspartthree”. Let’s take time with mindless surfing on the TikTok and vouch for someone that has a crystal-clear goal on her mind. Our little share and comments might bring the topic under global recognition.

Frequently asked  Questions

Who is Feroza Aziz?

Feroza Aziz is a makeup artist and social media influencer with a large following on Instagram.

Where is Feroza Aziz from?

Feroza Aziz is originally from Afghanistan but currently resides in the United States.

How did Feroza Aziz become famous?

Feroza Aziz became famous on social media for her makeup tutorials and beauty tips, which have attracted a large following on Instagram.

What is Feroza Aziz’s Instagram handle?

Feroza Aziz’s Instagram handle is @ferozaanaziz.

How many followers does Feroza Aziz have on Instagram?

Feroza Aziz had over 900,000 followers on Instagram.

What kind of makeup does Feroza Aziz specialize in?

Feroza Aziz specializes in natural, minimalist makeup looks that highlight a person’s natural beauty.

What products does Feroza Aziz use in her makeup tutorials?

Feroza Aziz uses a variety of makeup brands in her tutorials, including Maybelline, L’Oreal, and Glossier.

What other social media platforms is Feroza Aziz active on?

Feroza Aziz is also active on TikTok and YouTube, where she shares beauty and lifestyle content.

What is Feroza Aziz’s ethnicity?

Feroza Aziz is of Afghan descent.

What are some of Feroza Aziz’s most popular makeup tutorials?

Some of Feroza Aziz’s most popular makeup tutorials include her natural everyday makeup look and her tutorial on how to do a winged eyeliner.

What are some of Feroza Aziz’s favorite makeup products?

Some of Feroza Aziz’s favorite makeup products include the Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick and the Glossier Boy Brow.

Does Feroza Aziz collaborate with other makeup artists or brands?

Feroza Aziz had collaborated with a number of makeup brands, including Maybelline and L’Oreal.



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