Megan Wallace Cunningham Age, Wiki, Bio, Birthday, Instagram, & TV Personality Craig Ferguson

Megan Wallace Cunningham Bio

Megan Wallace Cunningham Wikipedia

About Intro
Celebrated Name Megan Wallace Cunningham
Age 44 Years
Birth Date 1975
Sex Female
Profession TV Host & Art Dealer
Birth Place Vermont, USA.
Nationality American
Birth Sign Aquarius
Ethnicity White
Marital Status Married
Husband Craig Ferguson
Son Liam James
Height 6ft (approx)
Weight 61 Kg
Bra Size 32B
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Net Worth ‎$1.3 million
Social Media No Official Account

Megan Wallace Cunningham Age, Wiki, Bio, Height, & Birthday

Megan was born in the year 1975 in Vermont, USA. Sadly, fans do not get the chance to congratulate her on her birthday since the star is mum on her exact birth date. After a deep digging and inspection of her past, we came to know that she is a direct descendant of John Adams and his wife, Abigail Adams. Adam who? Well, John is one of the Founding Fathers of the United States.

Cunningham often keeps her private affairs to herself and does not share her family matters in front of the media. She comes from a wealthy background and some sources also revealed that her family owned a farm in Chester.

However, we do have some facts that can help you know your beloved Megan a bit more. Things like age, ethnicity, religious background and eye colour often rank higher in internet queries. Well, the America-native is 44 years old and shares white ancestry. She has mesmerizing brown eyes and brown hair colour to complement the whole look sort of like a cherry on the top. From the looks of it, she does have a decent height.

Megan Wallace completed her early education and graduation from Vermont

As of 2020, we have nothing on her educational credentials or the degrees she possesses. Until the star herself enlightens us on her upbringing, the void shall remain as it is. Megan is a successful art dealer by profession, and this fact is alone to prove her quality education. Coming from a wealthy background, she must have received teachings from a top-notch tutor or institution.

Megan Wallace Cunningham Net Worth in 2020

Megan Wallace Cunningham Net Worth

Exact figures or not, Megan is living a lavish and luxurious life. As we already know, she has robust financial support from her family back in Chester. Also, the woman is successful in her art dealing career. It is estimated that the businesswoman holds an estimated net worth of $1.3 million as of 2018 statistics.

To top that, she is the current wife of TV personality Craig Ferguson. Craig is a wealthy guy and has a luxurious life of his own. He boasts an impressive amount of $30 million with $8.5 million as his annual income. These numbers inevitably increase his wife’s total revenue too. Megan’s actual net worth is yet to surface on the internet, but it is bound to come with a little increment on the previous numbers.

The family recently listed their Hollywood Hills house for a whopping $5.199 million. The home sat on two-thirds of an acre and got built roughly 115 years ago. With several rooms and outdoor space, the house expands across 6,812 square feet area.

Some Famous Profile You Should Know About

Megan Wallace Cunningham & TV Personality Craig Ferguson

The popularity of Megan roots back to her marriage with Craig Ferguson. The two first met in 2005 and started dating. Taking their relationship to the next level, the couple exchanged their holy vows on the 21st December 2008. Despite the popularity of her husband, they decided to keep their ceremony rather private. Only fifteen guests attended the event, which included close friends and family members. The event took place in Megan’s home town Chester, Vermont.

Together, the couple shares a son named Liam James Ferguson. Craig and Megan had announced their expecting baby in July of 2010. The baby boy opened his eyes on 31st January 2011 with a healthy physical condition. Liam is the duo’s first child.

Megan and Craig have a stable marital relationship since their marriage. Ferguson is still fighting against his alcohol addiction to this day, and his wife is there to help him. However, it took two other breakups for the TV personality to finally settle down. Before this association, he was married to two beautiful ladies. His first marriage dates back to 1983 when he started his first official relationship with Ann Hogarth.

Megan Wallace Cunningham is an American art dealer.

Ann is a graphic designer by profession. Other details on the woman are hard to find, but the two shared their romantic timeline until 1986. The two parted ways due to some issues in the relationship and do not share any children.

Just two years after his divorce, Craig started his marital life with Sacha Ferguson. With the hopes of a new beginning, he tied the knot with the actress/bodybuilder. The couple stayed together until 2004 and parted ways. Both of them did not comment on the reason behind their sad breakup. The only thing that connects both of them to this day is their son Milo Hamish. Milo lives near Craig’s house located in Chester.

Some Details on Craig Ferguson – Husband of Megan Wallace Cunningham

Megan Wallace Cunningham Husband

Megan Wallace Cunningham with Husband Craig Ferguson.

Craig celebrates his birthday on 17th May each year. Born in 1962 in Scotland, UK he is one of the most sought-after TV personalities of this time. His parents are Janet and Robert Ferguson. The future big shot attended Muirfield Primary School and chose Cumbernauld High School as his next educational station.

Surprisingly, he left his high school and initiated his apprenticeship as an electronics technician at the young age of 16. It was in the early 1980s that the man started his career in the entertainment business as a musician. At that time, he was a member of a punk band called The Bastards from Hell. The naming sense of 80s kids, though!

Leaving all these behinds, the young man transferred to the US in 1983 and held several jobs during his struggle days. From the construction business to a bouncer in a nightclub, the man had his share of trouble back in the days. He finally got rid of the jinx with his appearance in the show “The Drew Carey Show” as Mr Wick. This incident became a sort of like the turning point for the man.

Fast forward to several years later, and the man established himself as a memorable actor. He grabbed the credits to several movies in the process like Trust Me (2007), The Ugly Truth (2009), and “How To Train Your Dragon” franchise. Besides the film industry achievement, Craig is best known for his Emmy Award-winning hosting skills on the TV game show “Celebrity Name Game”. He also hosted the late-night talk show The “Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” which aired via CBS till 2014. For this contribution, he got nominated for the prestigious Primetime Emmy Award.

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  • How old is Megan Wallace?
    Megan is 44 years old as in 2021.



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