Jeff Jampol Net Worth, Height, Children, Tana Mongeau, Wiki, Age, Wife, & Yacht

Jeff Jampol

Who is Jeff Jampol?

Famous as the founder of Jampol Artist Management, Jeff Jampol is a multitalented personality; he is a music band promoter, Radio Disc Jockey, producer, an engineer and entrepreneur. Jeff has handled the work of big shots in American music industry such as Michael Jackson, Jim Morrison, The Doors, Ottis Redding and Janice Joplin. He is doing a great job with Jampol Artist Management.

Given his exceptional work in American industry of entertainment, this talented producer has achieved two Grammy award nominations along with two Emmy. In 2011, he won Grammy Awards in the category of Best Long Form Music Video as he produced The Doors: When You’re Strange.

Jeff Jampol Wiki

Full Name Jeffrey Jampol (Jeff)
Profession Producer, Entrepreneur, Artist manager
Popular For Founder of Jampol Artist Management

Birthday and Zodiac

Age (As in 2022) 62 Years Old
Date of Birth September 16, 1959
Zodiac sign Virgo
Birth Place Los Angeles, U.S.A
Nationality American
Ethnicity N/A


School/University The School of Hard Knocks, Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park & Media Studies from Sonoma State University

Physical Stats

Height 6 feet, 6 inches
Eye Color Black
Weight Approx. 83 Kg
Body Measurement 37-30-36

Net Worth

Estimated Net Worth (As in 2022) Approx. $18.5 million

Family and Relationship

Father N/A
Mother N/A
Husband/Wife or Boyfriend/ Girlfriend N/A
Relationship N/A
Siblings 1 daughter, 1 son

Social Media

Social Media N/A

Jeff Jampol Age, Height, Weight And Childhood

Jeff Jampol Age

Jeff Jampol is from Los Angeles, California. The 60 years old producer was born on September 16, 1959. Virgo is his zodiac sign. Not much information is available about Jeff’s mother; however, his father, Richard Jampol, is an architect and realtor. We do not know much about Jeff’s childhood and Richard’s place in it. He did describe his childhood as being lonely with the absence of a supportive male figure.

Jeff is six feet, two considerably tall inches. And he weighs around 80 kg. The artist manager has brown eyes and brown hair which is slowly turning grey as of now.
From a very young age of about six or seven years old, Jeff Jampol loved rock and roll music. Ever since he explored rock music, he felt a resonation with the lyrics as well as sound. For this very reason, he is a lover of music; and he never looked back, making a career in the music, working to protect artist legacy. Later when he grew up, he opened Jampol artist management agency.

Jeff Jampol Wife and Children

Jeff Jampol has a wife and two children, a daughter and a son. While his work involves promoting people, he does not like to be in the limelight in the media. He has not given out information about his personal life in the media. We do not have the information about his family. However, Jeff and his family live in Los Angeles.

Jeff Jampol Management Career

Jeff Jampol Career

Jeff went to Sonoma State University, which resides in California. The producer attended the Hutchins School of Liberal Studies there and achieved a graduate degree in Media Studies. He set up his Artist Management Agency and began his career after that. Jampol Artist Management Agency intended to protect the legacy of artists; Jeff managed different artists; upcoming and built ones. He has been successful in doing so; doing wonders with Jampol Artist Management.

Jampol produced some great documentaries as well as movies as a producer. These movies include Janis: Little Girl Blue (2015), American Masters (1985), Sympathy for the Devil: The Underground and The Doors: Revolution (2014). Jeff also co-produced several documentaries and movies. Musical One Night for Janis Joplin is one of them. And, he co-produced When You’re Stranger, the music documentary film about the rock band The Doors from America.

Jeff worked with many famous record labels, including WEA, Columbia and Atlantic records. In 2019, he worked on Janis Joplin’s theatrical documentary. From 1997 to this date, he has been on the position of Adjunct Professor in University of California.

Jeff Jampol Heroin Addiction

Jampol landed in a hospital due to his heroin addiction in 1989. He almost had his leg amputated. The nerves in his leg saw severe damage due to continuous hard drug injection. The anesthesiologist dealing with Jampol’s case suggested him to detox for eight to ten days before the operation instead of amputating his leg right away.

Fortunately, the surgeon saw that there was a growth of new tissues in his leg, so they went with reconstructive surgery to save his leg. The incident inspired Jampol to leave heroin. He got clean and returned to the industry and continued his work after four years.

What Is Jeff Jampol Net Worth?

Jeff Jampol Net Worth

The net worth of Jeff is estimated to be $ 18.5 million approximately. We believe the amount will grow more prominent as time passes because he is still at work.

Jeff is not the kind of person who enjoys showing off their wealth. However, there is no second opinion in saying that the man earns a fortune given the work he has been contributing to the world. He was actively involved in the entertainment business for years.

Jeff Jampol Yacht

Jeff made it to the headlines when he used his Yacht to rescue people during Malibu fires at 10 am. He and his friends Mace and Kaj Larsen, the former host of Vice HBO series came for the rescue operation. Paddleboards with small boats helped ferry the civilians on the shore. They worked till midnight.

The producer told Steve Baltin from home biz news that the rescue mission idea formed and it came to work. And how he had the boat, the means for fuel and he made the time for helping.

Jeff Jampol Kylie Jenner

When the Jenner sisters Kylie and Kendall introduced a new line of T-shirts with the pair’s likenesses on the classic artwork of Rolling Stones without any permission or authorization, Jeff Jampol sent them a cease-and-desist letter. He handles the estate of Jim Morrison, and he prevented the unauthorized use of their images and logo.

They did the same thing on the T-shirts with artists like Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Kiss, Pink Floyd, Ossy Osbourne and family and fans of these musicians criticized them. Such T-shirts were on sale on their online shop for $ 125.

The sisters apologized for their mistakes and told that it was not their intention to hurt the sentiments or disrespect the cultural icons. They withdrew the sale of the clothes. Jampol mentioned about how these celebrities were trying to capitalize on the legacies of the artists and their art.

Jeff Jampol Tana Mongeau

Tana Mongeau is a YouTube blogger who is famous as a storyteller. In her storytime video, Tana mentions about her encounter with an anonymous man whom she considered her sugar daddy. She explains in the video that the guy managed artists who have already passed away. What makes it more interesting is her saying he once landed in a hospital bed due to a heroin addiction problem.

Tana Mongeau goes on to say that he introduced her to the father along with Janet Jackson when they met. And she ended the story by saying the epiphany that it was not her thing made her put a stop to the whole thing.

The fans of Tana Mongeau were frantic about it trying to connect the dots and find out about his Sugar Daddy. Even if it is not confirmed, they pointed out at Jeff Jampol. But it is all theories, neither Tana, not Jeff have mentioned anything about them being together.

Fun Facts About Jeff Jampol

  • Jampol’s favourite hobbies include going to the gym and cycling.
  • He loves travelling.
  • He is a fan of Jackie Chan and Jennifer Lawrence.
  • His favourite destination is Miami.

Frequently asked Questions

What does Jeff Jampol do?

Jeff is a Grammy winning and Emmy nominated producer and also the CEO of JAM, Inc.

What is Jeff Jampol net worth?

Jeff’s net worth is $18,000,000.

Is Jeff Jampol married?

Yes, Jeff is married and has two children, a son and a daughter. Information about his personal life are not available.

How old is Jeff Jampol?

Jeff is 63 years old as in September 16, 2022.

Does Jeff Jampol manage Michael Jackson?

Jeff does not manage Micheal Jackson; Frank Micheal DiLeo used to manage Micheal Jackson.

Who does Jeff Jampol manage?

 Jeff Jampol manages The Mamas & Papas, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, The Doors, Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship, Lee Hooker, and Juan Gabriel’s Estates.


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