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Who is Tana Mongeau?

Tana Mongeau is a talented lady who has gained fame for being recognized as an American Internet personality and a well-known content creator for her YouTube account named her name in the United States. In addition to her popularity as a famous personality, Tana Mongeau is also recognized for her storytime videos and similar content, which she posts on her YouTube account named Tana Mongeau.

She has also been in some controversy, which has made her popular among people. Mongeau uploaded a video titled The N-Word on January 24, 2017, with millions of views. Where she relates an incident with a person on her tour, which was later discovered to be another YouTuber named iDubbbz, who ordered her to say nigger in reaction to a tweet from her telling him to kill himself for his comic usage of the slur in his YouTube videos. For his part, Dubbed produced a film claiming her as a hypocrite, referring to instances in which she had previously and publicly used the word hatefully. After that, she apologized for using the slur in a video she released on February 17, 2017.

Full NameTana Marie Mongeau
ProfessionInternet Personality, Model, YouTuber
Popular ForStorytime videos

Birthday and Zodiac

Age (As of 2023)25 years old
Date of BirthJune 24, 1998
Zodiac SignCancer
Birth PlaceLas Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A


School/UniversityGreen Valley High School

Physical Stats

Height1.66 m
Eye ColorDark Green
Weight54 kg

Net worth

Estimated net worth$4 million

Family and Relationship

Father Rick Mongeau
MotherRebecca Mongeau
HusbandJake Paul(ex-husband)

Social media

Social Media Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter

Tana Mongeau Biography TimeLine

Tana Mongeau is an American internet personality, YouTuber, and musician known for her controversial content and online persona. Born on June 24, 1998, in Las Vegas, Nevada, Tana began her career on YouTube in 2015 and has since amassed a large following across various social media platforms.

  • June 24, 1998: Tana Mongeau was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
  • 2015: Tana Mongeau starts her YouTube channel and begins posting content.
  • 2016: Tana Mongeau gains popularity on YouTube for her storytime videos and controversial content.
  • 2017: Tana Mongeau is nominated for a “Shorty Award” for “Breakout Creator” and hosts her convention, “TanaCon,” which is ultimately cancelled due to overcrowding and safety concerns.
  • 2018: Tana Mongeau is featured on MTV’s reality show “The Reality House” and launches her music career by releasing her debut single “Hefner.”
  • 2019: Tana Mongeau collaborates with fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson on a documentary series about her life and releases her EP “Phases.”
  • 2020: Tana Mongeau receives backlash for attending a party during the COVID-19 pandemic and for her involvement in a controversy surrounding her “apology” video.
  • 2021: Tana Mongeau releases her single “Without You” and makes headlines for her public feud with fellow YouTuber Jake Paul.

Tana Mongeau’s online presence has been marked by controversy and drama, but she has also become a prominent figure in the digital entertainment industry. Her popularity and influence on social media have allowed her to branch out into music and television while facing scrutiny from fans and critics alike. Despite her career’s ups and downs, Tana maintains a dedicated fanbase and a strong presence on various social media platforms.

Tana Mongeau’s Age

Tana Mongeau was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the United States of America, on June 24, 1998. According to her birth date, Tana is 25 years old as of 2023.

Tana Mongeau Age

Tana Mongeau’s Parents

Rick Mongeau and Rebecca Mongeau are her parents’ names, including her father and mother. Tana was born and raised by her parents in Las Vegas, Nevada. But, Tana has a troubled relationship with her parents, which was brought up on one of her Christmas specials on MTV’s Tana Turns 21 YouTube.

Tana Mongeau opened up about her rocky relationship with her parents in her holiday particular, not the first time she talked about her fragile relationship with her family.

Still, it was undoubtedly a low moment for the confident YouTuber. Mongeau declared she had no family and heartbreakingly admitted she was the relationship’s parent. Two parents were unsuitable to be her parents, and she still does not want them in her life in many respects. Growing up, family outings were always a shitty experience for her. Mongeau’s father was a swimming pool cleaner and a Vietnam War veteran when she was a kid, and her mother, who suffered from severe social anxiety, barely left the house when she was a child.

Tana Mongeau’s Boyfriend

The social media star, being openly bisexual, has also been in a relationship with some men. Many people in her life have claimed to be her boyfriend, out of which Mod Sun, Brad Sousa, Jake Paul, and Lil Xan have been some of her top boyfriends.

Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul

Mongeau’s relationship with Jake Paul has been highlighted in her life, with whom she began dating in April 2019. After just one month of dating, she was engaged to him, which was unbelievable to her fans and fellow YouTuber fans. She married him again after a month, on July 28, 2019, in Las Vegas in a ceremony that was also available for her fans to watch through pay-per-view for $50. Later, in 2020, she announced her breakup with him.

Tana Mongeau Cody Ko

Fans are commenting about Tana Mongeau’s recent accusation on her podcast called Cancelled, where she claimed that she previously hooked up with Cody Ko, and some are unwilling to trust her. Twitter fans are startled by the social media star’s comment and, on the other hand, appear to have least anticipated anything to happen between her and Cody.

Tana Mongeau Merch

Tana Mongeau has made her merch with her hoodie, necklace, and other accessories, which her fans can order, buy and wear through her verified websites.

Tana Mongeau’s Net Worth

Tana’s net worth is projected to be around $4 million per celebrity net worth.

Tana Mongeau Twitter

Tana Mongeau is an active user of Twitter under the username @tanamongeau.

Tana Mongeau Instagram

Tana Mongeau is an active user of Instagram under the username @tanamongeau.


  • The social media star’s sexual orientation is bisexual, which she is open about.
  • In one of its episodes, she has also been featured on a tabloid talk show named Maury.
  • Tana was in a relationship with Bella Throne in a throuple with Mod Sun.
  • She debuted a single named Hefner in 2017, which included her ex-girlfriend, Bella Throne.
  • Mongeau has hosted TanaCon, including many celebrities, in her convention.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Tana Mongeau?

Tana Mongeau is an internet personality, model, and YouTuber known for her vlogs, storytimes, and collaborations with other influencers.

When was Tana Mongeau born?

Tana Mongeau was born on June 24, 1998.

Where is Tana Mongeau from?

Tana Mongeau is from Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

What is Tana Mongeau known for?

Tana Mongeau is popularly known for her videos uploaded on her YouTube channel.

Is Tana Mongeau cancelled?

Tana Mongeau has launched her podcast named “CANCELLED!”.

Why is Tana Mongeau demonetized?

Tana Mongeau was demonetized because of the copyright issue.

Is Tana Mongeau A Millionaire?

Tana Mongeau has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

How old is tana mongeau?

Tana Mongeau is 25 years old.

Who is tana mongeau dating?

Tana Mongeau is currently in a relationship with rapper Lil Xan.

Who is tana mongeau manager?

The name of Tana Mongeau’s manager is David Weintraub.

What is Tana Mongeau known for on YouTube?

Tana Mongeau gained popularity on YouTube for her storytime videos, vlogs, and collaborations with other YouTubers.

What controversies have Tana Mongeau been involved in?

Tana Mongeau has been involved in several controversies throughout her career, including disputes related to her relationship with Jake Paul and issues surrounding her “TanaCon” convention in 2018.

Has Tana Mongeau released any music?

Yes, Tana Mongeau has released music. Her song “Hefner” gained attention, and has released other singles and collaborations.

Does Tana Mongeau have a clothing line or merchandise?

Yes, Tana Mongeau has a merchandise line called “Tana Merch”, selling various products such as clothing and accessories.

Has Tana Mongeau appeared on reality TV shows?

Tana Mongeau has appeared on reality TV shows, including MTV’s “Tana Turns 21” and “No Filter: Tana Mongeau.”

Does Tana Mongeau have a podcast?

Yes, Tana Mongeau has a podcast called “Cancelled”, where she discusses various topics and interviews guests.

Is Tana Mongeau active on social media?

Tana Mongeau is active on various social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

Has Tana Mongeau written a book?

Yes, Tana Mongeau released a memoir titled “Tana Turns 21” in 2019.

What is Tana Mongeau’s net worth?

Tana Mongeau’s net worth is estimated to be several million dollars, primarily from her YouTube career, brand collaborations, merchandise sales, and other ventures.

Has Tana Mongeau won any awards?

Tana Mongeau has been nominated for various awards, including the Streamy and Shorty Awards. Still, she did not win any significant prizes.

Does Tana Mongeau engage in philanthropic work?

Tana Mongeau has participated in charitable initiatives, such as organizing fundraisers for causes like COVID-19 relief and mental health awareness.


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