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Who is Elton Castee?

Elton is a renowned Youtuber, social media influencer, TikTok celebrity, and Instagram celebrity. His nickname is Elton. Likewise, he is famous for his gorgeous look and fitness. Elton was employed to present his skill on youtube, and he has achieved good fame and a name in her career. So far, the TIFL channel has garnered almost 2.99 million subscribers with nearly 482 million total views. Moreover, he cast his theme single 2017 called You Can All Touch My Beard ft. Scotty Sire. He has worked in the fast humour clasps The Pizza Guy and FML. He, too, was the YouNow host, which had nearly 27k fans.

Not only that, but Elton is also a renowned social media influencer. He started his YouTube Journey on February 18 2014. Elton is famous on many social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Likewise, Elton has a massive fan following and millions of followers. He posted his gorgeous images and videos on his Instagram account and TikTok. He is a Perfect Social Media Star. Furthermore, he has achieved good fame and a name as a Youtuber. Elton’s biography is available on websites like Wiki, IMDB, etc.

Full NameElton Castee
ProfessionYoutuber and Social Media Influencer
Popular ForYoutube Channel TIFL

Birthday and Zodiac

Age (As of 2023)33 years old
Date of BirthJuly 06, 1990
Zodiac SignCancer
Birth PlaceConnecticut, USA



Physical Stats

Height5 feet 9 inches
Eye ColorDark Brown
Weight78 kg approx

Net Worth

Estimated net worth$1.5 million

Family and Relationship

GirlfriendGinger Duran
SiblingsCasey Castee and Karisma

Social Media

Social MediaFacebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram

Biography TimeLine

Elton Castee is a famous American YouTuber, content creator, and social media personality. He is known for his comedic skits, vlogs, and challenges, which have earned him millions of followers across various platforms. Elton was born in Utah on July 6, 1994, and grew up in California. He started his career as a social media influencer in his early 20s and has since become one of the most recognizable faces in the digital world.

  • July 6, 1994: Elton Castee is born in Utah.
  • 2013: Elton moves to Los Angeles, California, to pursue a career in entertainment.
  • 2014: Elton begins posting videos on Vine, a now-defunct social media platform, and gains a significant following for his comedic content.
  • 2016: Elton starts his YouTube channel, posting vlogs, challenges, and skits.
  • 2017: Elton creates his merchandise line and releases his first t-shirt collection.
  • 2018: Elton joins the popular YouTube group TFIL and starts producing content for their channel.
  • 2019: Elton collaborates with fellow YouTuber David Dobrik on a video and gains a new audience of fans.
  • 2020: Elton launches his podcast, “The Elton Castee Show,” and releases his music album, “Make Believe.”
  • 2021: Elton continues to produce content for his YouTube channel and social media platforms, earning millions of views and followers.


In 1990, Elton was birth on July 06. As of 2023, Elton is 33 years old. Elton likes to honour his birthday every year on July 06. Likewise, Cancer is an Elton child sign. United States, Connecticut is Elton’s motherland. That’s why he holds citizenship of America. He belongs to the White ethnicity.

Elton’s height is 5 feet 9 inches, and his weight is 78kg approx. His eyeshade is dark brown, and his hair shade is black. Elton has been successful in maintaining his personal life. There are few details about Elton’s father, mother, brother, and siblings. However, we know that Elton was born to American parents with a White ethical background.

Elton Castee Age


Elton seems educated, but any details related to his education are not public yet. He doesn’t like to make it publicly.


As he has achieved good fame and as a YouTuber, Elton’s girlfriend is Ginger Duran. He has broadcasted his girlfriend’s image on Twitter and Instagram. She is a textbook clubber and an adventurer, as per the Insta bio. Formerly he dated a television commentator girl, quoted Amanda Swearingen. She also was featured in his youtube track TFIL. Due to some reason, they split up in 2018.


Information regarding Elton is available on Wikipedia. We can quickly get information about him from Wikipedia, where daily life about Elton is public. His girlfriend’s name is Ginger Duran, and his sibling’s name is Casey and Karisma. Apart from this, information about her parents, mother, father, brother, sister, and siblings is not available on Wikipedia or any social account.

Net Worth

The Net Worth of Elton is estimated at $1.5 million by 2023. This contains his assets, funds, and profits. His natural source of return is his occupation as a YouTuber. Via his additional sources of returns, he has been able to manage appropriate budgets but likes to execute a modest lifestyle. Elton has a slim body and wants to keep fit with a well-maintained diet.

Social Media

Elton likes using social media venues like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc. Elton has millions of followers on his social media accounts. All this is because Elton has earned fame and a name as a YouTuber on the Youtube platform. Elton dislikes sharing details about his parents, brother, siblings, etc. Elton wants to keep them away from her social account.


  • In 1990, Elton was born on July 06.
  • As of 2023, Elton’s age is 33.
  • Elton’s birth sign is Cancer.
  • Elton estimated a net worth of $1.5 million as of 2023.
  • Elton’s girlfriend’s name is Ginger Duran.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Elton Castee?

Elton Castee is a YouTuber and social media influencer known for his comedic content and vlogs. He gained popularity as a member of the YouTube group “TFIL” (The Fun in Life).

When was Elton Castee born?

Elton was born on July 06, 1990, and as of 2023, he is 33 years old.

Where is Elton Castee from?

Elton Castee was born and raised in Connecticut, United States.

What Happened to Elton Castee?

Elton Castee is currently residing in California. There isn’t much information available regarding his family or personal life. Elton Castee worked as a massage therapist for five years before becoming renowned online.

Is Elton Castle’s dog still alive?

Elton Castle’s dog died last year.

Who is Elton Castee dating?

Elton Castee is in a relationship with Ginger Duran.

What kind of content does Elton Castee create on YouTube?

Elton Castee creates various content on YouTube, including vlogs, challenges, pranks, and comedic sketches.

How did Elton Castee become famous?

Elton Castee gained fame through his YouTube channel, consistently posting entertaining and comedic videos that resonated with viewers.

What is Elton Castee’s YouTube channel called?

Elton Castee’s YouTube channel is simply named “Elton Castee.”

Does Elton Castee have other social media accounts?

Yes, Elton Castee is active on various social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

Has Elton Castee collaborated with other YouTubers?

Yes, Elton Castee has collaborated with several other YouTubers and creators within and outside the TFIL group for various videos and challenges.

Does Elton Castee have a significant following on social media?

Yes, Elton Castee has a substantial following on social media, with millions of subscribers on YouTube and a significant following on other platforms.

Has Elton Castee won any awards for his content?

Detailed information about specific awards won by Elton Castee is not readily available.

Does Elton Castee have merchandise available for purchase?

Yes, Elton Castee has released merchandise, including clothing items and accessories, which fans can purchase through his official website or other authorized platforms.

Has Elton Castee appeared in any movies or TV shows?

While Elton Castee’s primary focus is on his YouTube content, he has appeared in certain movies and TV shows as himself or in cameo roles.

Does Elton Castee engage in philanthropy or charitable work?

While specific information about Elton Castee’s involvement in philanthropy or charitable work is not widely available, many YouTubers and social media influencers participate in various charitable initiatives.

Does Elton Castee have a podcast?

No information about Elton Castee hosting or participating in a podcast is available.

Can I send fan mail or requests to Elton Castee?

Elton Castee often encourages fan engagement and provides a mailing address or other contact information for fans to send mail or requests. It is advisable to check his social media profiles or official website for the most up-to-date information.

Does Elton Castee have plans for future projects or collaborations?

Elton Castee regularly creates content and may have future projects or collaborations in the works. It’s best to follow him on social media for updates on his upcoming ventures.


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