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Who is Beetlejuice?

In 1968, Lester Green was born on June 2. He is popularly known by his stage name Beetlejuice. Lester is an American entertainer, actor, and member of Howard Stern’s show Wack Pack, and he is considered one of the greatest Wack Packers of all time by Howard Stern.

To date, Beetlejuice has been in various movies in his life, some of them are Bubble Boy (2001), Scary Movie 2(2001), Girls Gone Done, etc. Green is famous for his diminutive height and small head due to microcephaly and dwarfism, as well as for his crude sense of humour. Beetlejuice also performs under The Killers of Comedy Tour banner, featuring other artists. In 2004, he sang the original song ” This Is Beetle ” on Stern’s show. In 2005, Beetlejuice also provided the voice for Zeke’s character for the video game True Crime: New York City. Lester’s biography is available on different websites, including Wikipedia, etc.

Full NameLester Napoleon Green
ProfessionActor, Comedian
Popular ForBeing a member of The Howard Stern Show’s Wack Pack

Birthday and Zodiac

Age (As of 2023)55 years old
Date of BirthJune 2, 1968
Zodiac SignGemini
Birth PlaceNew Jersey, United States



Physical Stats

Height1.3 meter
Eye ColorBrown
WeightApprox. 60 kgs

Net worth

Estimated net worth$200 Thousand

Family and Relationship

FatherChristopher Palid
MotherLaura Green
WifeBaby juice(ex-wife)
SiblingsLisa (Sister)

Social media

Social MediaInstagram, Twitter

Beetlejuice Biography TimeLine

Beetlejuice, born Lester Green, is an American actor, comedian, and frequent guest on The Howard Stern Show. Born on June 2, 1968, in Jersey City, New Jersey, Beetlejuice began his career as a performer in the 1990s and quickly gained a reputation for his unique style and comedic timing. He has become a beloved entertainment figure known for his infectious personality and offbeat humour.

1968: Lester Green was born on June 2, in Jersey City, New Jersey.

1990: Beetlejuice begins performing as a comedian and actor and quickly gains a following for his distinctive style and irreverent humour.

1996: Beetlejuice first appeared on The Howard Stern Show and quickly became a fan favourite.

2002: Beetlejuice is featured in the film “Bubble Boy,” playing a supporting role alongside Jake Gyllenhaal.

2004: Beetlejuice is inducted into The Wack Pack, a group of eccentric and colourful characters who are frequent guests on The Howard Stern Show.

2008: Beetlejuice releases his rap album, “The Worst of Beetlejuice,” which features several tracks based on his catchphrases and unique style.

2013: Beetlejuice appears on the T.V. show “Legit,” playing himself in an episode titled “Beetlejuice.”

Despite his unconventional approach to comedy and entertainment, Beetlejuice has won the hearts of fans worldwide with his infectious personality and offbeat humour. His frequent appearances on The Howard Stern Show and various film and T.V. roles have made him a beloved figure in the entertainment world, and his influence continues to be felt by performers and fans alike.

Beetlejuice Movies and Net Worth

During his early career in Dwarf-tossing, Lester met Sean Rooney at a bar. After that, Sean became his manager for his acts as a nightclub entertainer and comedian. For a short period, Lester Green performed as a wrestler on the World Championship Wrestling Show, where he faced wrestlers who were more significant than him. He also featured in hip-hop music, appearing on the cover of Porn Again (2001), the debut album of the hip-hop group Smut Peddlers.

Beetlejuice also appeared in the song Grimer by rapper N.O.R.E. in 2002. Later 2004, he created this Is Beetle song and released it in Stern’s show. Later, in 2009, Lester owned his show called This Is Beetle for his daily struggles, fame and disabilities. After the show This Is Beetle ended, he appeared in the 2012 movie Girls Gone Dead.

Through his hard work and talent, Beetlejuice has earned massive money from his career. And he has been living a luxurious and comfortable life to date. Various sources show Green’s net worth is about $200 thousand.

Beetlejuice Age

Beetlejuice Intelligence

Lester Green has been regularly in the news for his Intelligence. Lester does have a level of Intelligence that is a bit low. But Beetlejuice is a fun-loving guy and takes jokes lightly. In the Stern show, Beetlejuice has often been humiliated for his disabilities, like not reading or doing simple arithmetic. Because Lester was born with microcephaly, a condition in which the brain is underdeveloped (underdeveloped), the head is smaller than the average size.

Beetlejuice Family

Lester Napoleon Green is Lester’s birth name, and his hometown is Jersey City, New Jersey. He was born to parents Christopher Plaid and Laura Green. When he was only seven, Lester’s uncle decided to take him to the Ringling Brothers circus show, but his mother insisted on educating him. He was raised along with his sister, Lisa.

Beetlejuice was once a married man. According to various sources, Lester was married to Baby Juice and lived for four months. In 2003, Lester started his relationship with Baby Juice and married only after four months. And, later, he soon got a divorce after four months of marriage.

Beetlejuice Age, Height, and Weight

In 1968, Lester Green was born on June 2. As of 2023, Beetlejuice is 55 years old. Lester’s birth sign is Gemini. Beetlejuice celebrates his birthday every year on June 2.

Lester’s height is about 1.3 meters, and his weight is around 60 kg. Beetlejuice has beautiful brown eyes.

Beetlejuice House

Lester Green lives with his mother in Georgia and has also released his mixed version of the 2015 song Beetle in the House, which features Snoop Dogg, Sean Paul, and Big Freedia.

Many people think that the house shown in Beetlejuice is the actual house of Lester Green. But it is not a fact. The movie Beetlejuice took place in Connecticut but was filmed in Vermont, and the house shown is not a real one but just a facade built for the movie.

Beetlejuice Boxing

Lester Green participated in various boxing matches in the early days of his career. Lester also played different WWE matches. For a short period, Beetlejuice also performed as a boxer(wrestler) on the World Championship Wrestling show, where he faced off against wrestlers who were more significant than him.

Beetlejuice social media

Beetlejuice is seen using social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, etc. His Instagram account @beetlepimp has about 2.3 million followers and has followed 267 people. Likewise, he has posted 1197 Instagram posts to date. He gained 433k followers and has followed 231 people on his Twitter account @Beetlepimp. To date, Lester has 5552 tweets.

Lester Green is still alive and enjoying his life with family and friends.


  • In 1968, Lester Green was born on June 2.
  • Beetlejuice is 55 years old as of 2023.
  • Lester’s birth sign is Gemini.
  • Lester was born with microcephaly.
  • Lester’s height is about 1.3 meters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Beetlejuice American?

Yes, Beetlejuice is an American.

How old is Beetlejuice?

Beetlejuice is 55 years old.

What is the Real name of Beetlejuice?

Beetlejuice’s real name is Lester Green.


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