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Who is Timothy Mowry?

The United States Army has created some of the most acceptable figures in American history. One such person is Timothy John Mowry, the father of beautiful and talented children. Timothy’s twin daughters, Tamera and Tia, debuted early in the entertainment industry. The same is true for his eldest son, Taj.

Timothy Mowry blossomed when he graduated high school and joined the Army in the 1970s. They later gave birth to their first adorable children, Tamera and Tia (Tamela is only two minutes older than her Sister).

You may know the sisters who appeared on the screen as teenagers and  Tahj Mowry, the couple’s third child, in a performance at Baby Daddy. Timothy and Darleen had a fourth child, Tavior. Tavior chose a different path than most of his family and became a soccer player like his father. This wealthy family had a humble beginning.

Celebrity NameTimothy Mowry
Popular ForFather of Tamera and Tia
Estimated Net Worth$2 million

Birthday and Zodiac

Age (As of 2023)66 years old
Birth DateJanuary 4, 1957
Birth SignCapricorn
Birth PlaceMiami, Florida, US



Physical Stats

Height6 feet
Body MeasurementN/A
Body TypeN/A
Hair ColorDark brown
Eye ColorDark brown

Family and Relatives

Wife (Spouse) Darlene Mowry 
Children Tavior Mowry, Tamera Mowry, Tia Mowry and Tahj Mowry
Social MediaN/A

Biography Timeline

Timothy Mowry is an American military veteran, custody officer, and father of four. He is best known as the father of the Mowry siblings, Tia, Tamera, Tahj, and Tavior. Timothy has served in the U.S. Army and has worked in law enforcement for over 20 years.

January 4, 1957: Timothy Mowry is born in Miami, Florida.

1986: Timothy joins the U.S. Army and serves in Germany.

1991: Timothy leaves the Army and becomes a custody officer in California.

April 12, 1992: Timothy and his wife, Darlene Renee Mowry, welcome their first child, Tia Mowry.

July 6, 1993: Timothy and Darlene welcome their second child, a daughter named Tamera Mowry.

May 5, 1996: Timothy and Darlene welcome their third child, a son named Tahj Mowry.

July 5, 1993: Timothy and Darlene welcome their fourth child, a son named Tavior Mowry.

2015: Timothy retires from his job as a custody officer after 20 years in law enforcement.

2021: Timothy and his wife, Darlene, celebrate their 33rd wedding anniversary.

Timothy Mowry has been a supportive father to his children throughout their successful careers in the entertainment industry. He has also been a proud military veteran and dedicated law enforcement officer.

Early Background and Career

Timothy John Mowry was born and raised in Miami, Florida, and started playing sports early. He graduated from high school in Miami, Florida, where he met his wife, Darlene Lenny Flowers. He is a Caucasian and  Irish ancestor, and his wife is a descendant of Afro Bahamian.

Like many American teenagers, he participated in various sporting events, including college football. The rigorous nature and discipline taught by his family stimulated his interest in the Army. His journey to the Army began with the choice of the Army team. He passed his physical and mental tests with flying colours.

During his tenure, he held the rank of First Sergeant (1SG), where he performed administrative tasks and led a battalion. The 1SG is also known as the “father of the unit” because the prosperity and development of the soldiers depend on the first sergeant.

After retiring from the U.S. Army, he moved to California, where he worked as a detention officer for the Glendale City  Police Department. He enjoys retirement while his three kids are making their acting careers great.

Timothy Mowry

Family Life

Tim married Darleen after several years of military service. They have four children together. Likewise, Tia and Tamera were born on July 6, 1978. Tamera is Tia’s Sister and only 2 minutes. Her parents moved to California to support her career in the entertainment industry. Darleen had his first career when he was in the Voice Group. Based on her Sister, the same duo of Tia and Tamera was seen in various television series and movies. They also had their television series Tia & Tamera from August 8, 2011, to September 22, 2013.

Tim and Darleen also have two sons, Taj (born May 17, 1986) and Tavia Mowry. Tahj Mowry is also an American actor who has appeared in television series such as Baby Daddy. But his younger brother, Tavior, has nothing to do with any entertainment appearances. He plays sports like his father and college football at the University of California, Davis.

Timothy is also the grandfather of two daughters, Cree, Aden, and Aria. Sister Morley described the family as “closely connected” and “deeply religious.” Tamera once said that she had been her virgin for 29 years since she was born as a Christian at eight. Tim lost his military discipline over their daughter and son. Tamera claims to discipline his son Aden.

Tahj even said in an interview that his father was his strength. He learned all the effort and patience from his father.  Tim seems to be an ideal father.


Timothy Mowry was born in the United States on January 4, 1957. He is 66 years old.

Net Worth

Timothy Mowry is estimated to be worth $ 2 million. A veteran of the U.S. Army, Timothy has an annual pension of $ 40,000.


He is about 183 cm tall and weighs about 80 kg. Other body measurements, such as chest size, dress size, and biceps, are unavailable. Similarly, Timothy has dark brown eyes and hair of the same colour.

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Along with his wife, he keeps his media profile low, even though he is the father of the acclaimed television star. In addition, no information is available on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


  • Timothy Mowry blossomed when he graduated high school and joined the Army in the 1970s.
  • Timothy John Mowry was born and raised in Miami, Florida, and started playing sports early.
  • He is about 183 cm tall and weighs about 80 kg.
  • Timothy Mowry was born in the United States on January 4, 1957.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Timothy Mowry?

Timothy Mowry is the father of American actresses Tamera Mowry and Tia Mowry.

What is Timothy Mowry’s occupation?

Timothy Mowry is a retired Army sergeant who served in the U.S. Army.

Does Timothy Mowry have any other children besides Tamera and Tia?

Timothy Mowry and his wife, Darlene Mowry, have two other children. They have a son named Tahj Mowry, an actor, and a daughter named Tavior Mowry.

What does Timothy Mowry do?

Timothy Mowry is popularly known as a retired army serviceman.

Who is Timothy Mowry married to?

He has been married to Darlene Mowry (1975-2015).

Where was Timothy Mowry born?

Timothy Mowry was born in Miami, Florida, the United States.

Is Timothy Mowry alive?

Yes, Timothy is alive and living happily.

What is Timothy Mowry’s relationship with his daughters, Tamera and Tia?

Timothy Mowry has a close and loving relationship with his daughters, Tamera and Tia. They have often spoken about the support and love they received from their father throughout their careers.

Does Timothy Mowry have any grandchildren?

Yes, Timothy Mowry is a grandfather. Tamera Mowry has two children, Aden and Ariah, and Tia Mowry has two children, Cree and Cairo.


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