Who is “Netflix Star Navarro Cheerleader” Shannon Woolsey? – Find Her Birthday, Cheerleader, Navarro, Height, Gymnastics, Instagram, Parents & Net Worth

Shannon May Woolsey Bio

Shannon May Woolsey Wiki

Full Name Shannon May Woolsey
Profession Cheerleader and Actress
Popular For Cheerleader

Birthday and Zodiac

Age (As in 2022) 24 Years Old
Date of Birth 23rd of February 1998
Zodiac sign Pisces
Birth Place England
Nationality British
Ethnicity White


School/University High School in Texas, Oklahoma State University & Navarro College(Texas)

Physical Stats

Height 5 feet 10 inches
Eye Color Grey
Weight Approx. 53 kg
Body Measurement 32-25-35

Net Worth

Estimated Net Worth (As in 2022) Approx. $1 Million

Family and Relationship

Father Gary Woolsey
Mother N/A
Boyfriend N/A
Relationship N/A
Siblings N/A

Social Media

Social Media InstagramTwitter

So, what makes sports such a huge part of the global entertainment? Of course, the sweat and anger get concentrated for a single goal and the sudden adrenaline rush we feel when the competition gets fierce. These are all the things that make us one with the player we look up to and the phenomenon explains our inclination towards our favourite sport.

Besides these underlying factors, motivation is another thing that drives the performance of players on the field. We all have felt that, haven’t we? We tend to perform more or run that extra mile when a loved one is supporting from behind. This discussion brings us to the topic of cheerleaders. They are the energetic group who fight the battle alongside athletes on the sidelines.

Therefore, cheerleading has developed into a severe career over the years. Several cheerleaders excel at the simple art of motivating their allies on battlegrounds. One such famous name is Shannon Woolsey. So, what makes her so unique to the world of cheerleading? Read more to explore her career and achievements.

Who is Shannon Woolsey?  (Age, Birthday, Parents, & Birth date)

Shannon Woolsey Age

Shannon is a famous name in the vast world of cheerleading. The British-native celebrates her birthday on the 23rd of February every year with her friends and family. She was born in 1998, which makes her around 22 years old. Despite her young age, the girl bags several achievements under her name. Her name stepped up the popularity ranks when her group became the theme for Netflix’s reality series “Cheer”. The series aired in 2020 and gained massive success throughout the globe. The cast even made multiple appearances on “The Ellen Show”.

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Woolsey grew up in Houston, Texas, alongside her parents. The family moved to Texas from Britain after her father Gary got an offer to work at an oilfield waste management company. The firm operates from the outskirts of Houston. Gary is now 59 years old and is always supportive of his daughter’s career choice and heights. Details about his wife are hard to find, and Shannon does not share information on her parents that often. Most of the time, the girl and her dad talk about their hometown and how much they miss Great Yarmouth.

Shannon Woolsey Cheerleader, Career, and Net worth

Shannon Woolsey Net Worth

Shannon’s career starts at the age of four. Somehow at that age, young Woolsey got fascinated with the art of cheerleading. She enrolled in gymnastic classes as soon as her family moved to Texas. She shared in a session that, she and her mother could never concentrate on gymnastics because the gym had a cheer program. I mean, who does not get fascinated with such energy and passion?

After 2-3 more years of gymnastics, she finally made up her mind and started cheering at the same gym for Cheer Nation. Starting at level three, she faced many challenges in the process. At one time, she even broke her elbow and underwent surgery only to rejoin her passion with more conviction. After some years, her gym merged with Prodigy All-stars, and Shannon made her way to the junior level 5 team, Moonlight. With some more obstacles on the road, young Woolsey became the part of the first senior world’s team called Prodigy Midnight in 2012.

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Eventually, Shannon made her way to her dream team, which is Cheer Athletics Cheetahs. The gymnasium was a 4 hours ride from their residence, and the aspiring girl drove her way back and forth for two years. As a part of the team, she won two major titles. She proudly wears those two rings in her homepage picture. After her high school career, the girl became the part of Woodlands Elite Black ops which was just 45 minutes away from her home. She ended her all-star career with an NCA title which remains as one of her most prized memory.

Shannon chose Oklahoma State University for her college education. The cheer program at OSU is well known for its quality and high calibre performance. But, it seems Woolsey could not find the right connection in Oklahoma. After a semester there, she started staying at home doing online classes from a community college located in Houston. Again, the girl got bored with the structural education system and reached out to Cheer Athletics for a chance to rejoin the team. She ended up joining an all-girls team called Panthers in 2017 and placed second at the Cheerleading World Championships.

Shannon Woolsey Navarro College Cheerleading

On her sophomore college year, she started her education at Navarro College, which is famous for its cheer programs all over the world. She started cheerleading under Navarro’s flag name and also participated as the Cheer Athletics on wildcats 2018. During this time, she won NCA, a second place at the World Championships, and a Collegiate NCA with Navarro. The next year, she dropped her all-star career and focused all her mentality for Navarro team. The budding cheerleader wants to grab another collegiate win to her collection. She is also helping as a part of Cheer Athletics Swoosh cats.

To this day, Shannon has spent a total of twelve years on the world of cheerleading. Despite, all this hard work and prizes, she is majoring in Kinesiology and hopes to become a Physical Therapist after her school work. Her achievement- the list is quite long, and it is quite surprising that the cheerleading prodigy wants to follow another profession. She is a two times Majors Champion, National Champion, Collegiate National Champion, and two times second-place winner in the World Championship. She is still an essential part of Navarro College cheerleading team which has a glorious history of kissing the Collegiate National Championship for fourteen times.

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See Shannon Woolsey Social Media, Instagram, & Twitter Account

Despite her busy schedules and dreams, the British cheerleader takes her time to bond with her fans. She is mostly active on her Instagram page, which includes lifestyle, cheer, and fitness-related content. According to current data, her official page celebrates 248 thousand followers with 1,962 following pages. She has 581 posts on her profile to this day. Another one Shannon’s outlet is her Twitter account. She has 17.2 thousand followers and frequently posts her thoughts and news updates via her account.

Frequently asked Questions


Who is Shannon Woolsey?

Shannon Woolsey is a British actor and a famous Cheerleader.

How old is Shannon Woolsey?

Shannon is 24 years old as in 2022.

How tall is Shannon Woolsey?

Shannon stands 5 feet and 10 inches.

Where is Shannon Woolsey from?

Shannon Was born in England and raised in Houston, Texas.

How old is Shannon Woolsey’s Boyfriend?

Shannon Woolsey has kept her relationship status private; we don’t know whether she is single or in a relationship.

How much does Shannon Woolsey Weight?

Shannon Woolsey weighs around 53 kilograms.


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