Gracie Haschak’s Sister Madison Haschak: Her Age, College, Wiki, Height, Birthday, Haschak Sisters, & Net Worth

Medison Haschak

About Madison Daisy Haschak

Full Name Madison Daisy Haschak
Profession Dancer and Social Media Personality
Popular For Dance

Birthday and Zodiac

Age (As in 2022) 21 years old
Date of Birth June 27, 2000
Zodiac sign Cancer
Birth Place California, The United States of America
Nationality American
Ethnicity White


School/University Local Private University, Pennsylvania, United States

Physical Stats

Height 5 feet, 6 inches
Eye Color Dark brown
Weight 56kg
Body Measurement 36, 28, 38

Net Worth

Estimated Net Worth (As in 2021)
$500 K

Family and Relationship

Father John Haschak
Mother Katy Haschak
Boyfriend Madison Haschak
Relationship Madison Haschak
Siblings Gracie Haschak, Sierra Haschak and Olivia Haschak

Social Media

Social Media Instagram

Madison Haschak  Age, Birthday, Bio, Sisters, Parents & Siblings

Medison Haschak Siblings

YouTube channels have become a way to express your talents, ideas, or anything that entertains viewers. Of the thousands of these channels, Haschak Sisters is undoubtedly a popular one. The regular viewers or the ones subscribed to this channel are most probably familiar with the name Madison Haschak. The girl rose to her popularity ladders with her skillful dancing skills and later on appeared on the music video My Humps. The video got released in 2016 by the artist MattyBRaps.

Madison Daisy Haschak celebrates her birthday on June 27, 2000 which makes her twenty one years old as of 2021. The dancer’s zodiac sign is Cancer. She grew up in California with her parents and sisters. Brought up in the U.S.A, the girl belongs to White ethnicity and holds American nationality.

The beautiful girl has three other sisters- Gracie Haschak, Sierra Haschak, and Olivia Haschak. The exciting thing is, all the siblings share a love for the art of dancing. They have participated in several dancing competitions and grabbed accolades. But it seems like the sisters inherited this artistic interest from their parents.

How Much Money The Haschak Sisters Make On YouTube (Net Worth)

Medison Haschak Age

YouTube channel Haschak Sisters have an estimated net worth of $12 Million USD. The Haschak sisters are the precious gems of parents Kathy (mother) and John Haschak (father). Kathy works as a studio manager for the Temecula Dance Company. In contrast, John once participated in the famous TV show America’s Got Talent as a member of the Temecula Dance Company’s “Tapping Dads”. The four sisters collectively run a YouTube channel called the Haschak Sisters and are slaying their job.

What College Does Madison Haschak Attend?

Medison Haschak Highlights

Madison Haschak attend University of Georgia Athletics College.

Little Madison started her career by uploading videos of her performing to original songs and covers on YouTube. People saw the girl’s passion and dedication and appreciated her craft. This feeling led to a strong foundation for her channel afterwards. One of her popular videos shows the girl performing the stage renditions of the songs The Nutcracker and The Perfect Gift. Madison, along with her three sisters mesmerized the whole audience with their performance on these songs.

As it happens, Madison has never performed solo on her songs and relies on the supporting strengths of her siblings. The girl shone brightly when she got to play with Sophia Lucia at the MDA Show of Strength. The teen has just started tapping into her potential but has grabbed a lot of recognition for her contribution to the dance world. She won the overall secondary eight and under the solo, whole extreme junior solo at the Primetime Dance Competition, the overall junior solo, and many others. She stood as the runner-up in the total primary eight and under solo (2008), overall Junior American League Solo (2012), global teen American League Solo (2013) and the global teen extreme solo in the Prime Time Dance Competition (2014) organized in California.

So, what makes the girl so unique? I think that nothing is more appealing than a person who gets deeply indulged in his or her true calling. We can see all of these traits in the young dancing star. One can clearly show her dedication and love for the art of dancing from her flawless movements. Another thing that attracts people to the young star is her warm personality. Sure, the girl has made a name for herself, but she never seems arrogant about it. Maybe this is the reason she enjoys a total of 510 thousand followers on Instagram and 16 thousand followers on her official Twitter account.

Haschak Sister YouTube Channel has 7.52 Million Subscriber

Madison Haschak Instagram Profile

Madison is active on her Instagram under the profile name “madisonhaschak”, and we can see her colourful personality via her shares. She mostly shares photos of her family, friends, and travel. A short trip from her earliest posts to her recent ones and anyone can see that puberty hit the girl just right. She has blossomed into a beautiful girl over the years.

Talking about her aesthetics, Madison stands at a decent height of 5 feet 6 inches or 1.69 meters. The girl has beautiful curls which suit her brown eyes. She has a healthy weight of 56 kg, which is probably due to her active life as a dancer. Her body measurements are 34A-26-34 respectively, which results in a pear body type. Also, the girl has not showcased any tattoos to this day.

2020 Net Worth and Dating Life(Boyfriend) of Madison Haschak

Medison Haschak Boyfriend

According to sources, Madison flaunts a total net worth of $ 500,000. Her pictures show the different cars they own and the house they live in. Also, the girls announce their concert venues and ticket links via their videos. This money definitely helps them maintain their luxurious lives.

Since the girls are still in her late teens, her accounts get managed by her parents. She lives with her parents in Los Angeles. Also, Madison posted a video on the 22nd of March, 2019, in which she introduced a boy named Jonathan. Jonathan seems to have known Madison for a long time, and he participated in a Q&A session with the sisters.

The title of the video was “Does Madison Have a BOYFRIEND!?” so, we could see them opening on their romantic timeline shortly. In November of the same year, she officially posted a video with the title “Who Knows Me Best??? Boyfriend VS Sisters” so it’s safe to presume that the two are dating.

7 Interesting Facts on Madison Haschak

  • Madison loves cinnamon out of all the spices.
  • She shares a friendly relationship with MattyBRaps and his sister Sarah Grace.
  • Madison contributed to the making of the videogame Just Dance Kids 2.
  • The girl speaks Spanish fluently.
  • You can also find the girl active on TikTok.
  • She started dancing at the age of two.
  • She owns two dogs: Chicklet and Rosey.

Frequently asked Questions

  • Who is Madison Haschak sister?
    Sierra, Gracie and Olivia Haschak are the sisters of Madison Haschak.
  • Did Madison Haschak go to college?
    Yes, Madison went to University of Georgia Athletics College.
  • How old is Madison Haschak?
    Madison is 20 years old as in 2021.
  • When is Madison’s birthday?
    Madison was born on 27 June, 2000.
  • How tall is Madison Haschak?
    Madison is 5 feet and 6 inches tall.
  • Who is Madison Haschak dating?
    Madison is dating a youtuber, Jonathan Fuller.


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