Who is British Rapper M Huncho?- Find His Net Worth, Face, Mask, Age, Height, & Career

M Huncho

M Huncho Biography

About Intro
Celebrated Name M Huncho
Age 27 Years
Birth Date 18th of November, 1993
Birth Country England
Sex Male
Profession Rapper
Height 6 feet 1 inch
Nationality British
Birth Sign Scorpio
Ethnicity White
Marital Status Yet to Confirm
Favorite Color Black
M Huncho Net Worth $1 million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter

Why Does M Huncho Wear Mask? – UK Rapper, Person Behind The Mask

M Huncho UK Rapper

With the increasing trend of masking one’s face for whatever reason, many artists have risen the popularity ranks. I do not mean that the mask is the prime reason for their success, but a specific mysterious personality trait inevitably raises curiosity among fans. Musicians like Daft Punk, Marshmellow, Buckethead, and Sia come to mind when we generally think of artists that like to remain behind a mask. Adding his name to this short-listed candidates in the rapper M Huncho.

M Huncho Age, Height, Weight And Childhood

Like his face, Huncho likes to keep his past details and events away from the cameras and recorders. The rapper was born on the 18th of November, 1993 in England. With this piece of information, you might have guessed his age. He is currently 26 years old ,and belongs to the Scorpio constellation family.

The exciting thing is, internet sources have nothing, in particular, to say about the guy. He gets introduced as an artist who shares his musical journey behind a mask. As for his music features, most of his songs are auto-tuned and inclines slowly on melodic punch lines. These characteristics are dominantly seen on his mixtape Utopia.

Huncho does not share the details of his parents either. According to his interviews, his parents are still together and live happily. They probably live on the North-West side of London where the rapper describes his home location. Also, he denied to reveal his ethnicity and race and mentioned that those details were irrelevant to his music. He further said that his music does not target a particular group or nationality. These are the traits that make Huncho a beloved celebrity and not his masks.

M Huncho Career 

Huncho gained popularity when he came on a web show, namely Mad About Bars. The internet show presented different rappers each week to perform freestyle. People loved Huncho’s performance and even claimed him to be one of the best.

In the same year in 2017, he released a debut Ep- Get Out in October; Huncho’s Ep “Mediocre” as well as 48 Hours came out in 2018.

The thing that separates Huncho from several hundred artists booming in the market is his genre of music. He likes to call it “trap wave” and blends the street smart lyrical qualities with luxurious bottle-service assonance.

Looking at his roots, he grew up on UK heavyweights Nines and Giggs and also some touch of Travis Scott or Future. His melodic interstellar hooks generally revolve around these artists. He also enjoys old school records of Kanye West or Jay Z from time to time. Mind you; these are not fan speculations rather a statement by the artist himself.


Huncho dropped his first album, Utopia in April 2019 with fourteen tracks. The forty-four minutes long music track presents a unique melodic flow with trap beats. Artists like Sharna Bass, Yxng Bane, Park Hill and Nafe Smallz have a guest appearance in this tape.

The music industry divides people based on their face. Before you say anything, remember that this is a natural phenomenon despite all non-biased bullshit they throw on media. Artists like Huncho are challenging this part of the industry with their good music and lyrics. This explains his breakthrough in 2017 with the project Mad About Bars. Some people prefer music and professionalism to symmetrical faces and aesthetics.

The England-native has repeatedly shared his reason for the whole mask thing. As it happens, the guy adores his privacy and likes to keep things as it is. His masked disguise pretty much sums of his musical approach. He desires to keep himself anonymous among fans so that people will focus more on the message rather than the exterior features of the singer.

M Huncho Tranquility (Official Video)

The track “Tranquility” portrays the rapper’s mental health and how he has been unable to attain tranquillity ever since he joined the music industry. 

M Huncho Huncholini the 1st

Huncho Europe and UK tour

The second studio album by Huncho, Huncholini the 1st was out on January 31, 2020, through Island Records. Headie One, Nafe Smallz and D-Block Europe have guest appearances in this project. On UK Albums Chart, it came on number five. The singles namely, “Pee Pee”, “Bando Ballads” and “Thumb” were at 32, 78 and 30 respectively on UK singles Chart. 

M Huncho Net Worth in 2020

M Huncho Net Worth

According to some sources, Huncho has an estimated net worth value of $1 million. There is no doubt that the rapper collects his earnings from his musical profession. He has sold-out shows which explain his earnings. Also, his videos and pictures clearly show his lavish lifestyle. He also owns some super luxury cars as seen from his music videos.

Fun Facts About M Huncho 

Since the artist has a secretive life, we dug out some information from his interviews.

  1. The artist takes pride that he has never gone to jail to this day and likes to keep his career clean.
  2. He respects the importance of education and likes to read books, although he never received formal training.
  3. The guy has over 371K followers on his official Instagram page.
  4. In an interview, he claimed that hitting rock bottom was one of the best things that happened to him.
  5. He strongly believes music should be about quality, not quantity.

Find him on Instagram @mhuncho.


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