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Who is TikToker King Cailean?

The TikTok Star King Cailean was an average content creator in the video-sharing app until a rumour spread about him. There was a lot of commotion on the internet about him leaking a video of himself getting intimate with a girl.

While some said he was abusing her, others said it was her girlfriend. Some sources even mention it was just a picture of his girlfriend. Continue reading to learn more about this social media personality and his situation.

Full NameKing Cailean
ProfessionTikTok Content Creator
Popular ForHis Tiktok videos

Birthday and Zodiac

Age (As of 2023)21 years old
Date of Birth2002
Zodiac signN/A
Birth PlaceAmerica



Physical Stats

Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColourBlonde
Body MeasurementN/A

Net Worth

Estimated Net WorthN/A

Family and Relationship


Social Media

Social MediaYouTubeInstagramTiktok

Biography Timeline

King Cailean is a popular content creator on TikTok known for his funny and entertaining videos. With a growing number of followers, he has quickly become a household name on the social media platform. Here is a timeline of his life and career:

  • 2002: King Cailean was born in America.
  • 2019: King Cailean joins TikTok and begins creating content.
  • 2020: King Cailean’s videos start to gain traction on the platform, and he begins to gain a significant following.
  • March 2021: King Cailean’s TikTok account hits 1 million followers.
  • April 2021: King Cailean signs a deal with a central talent agency.
  • June 2021: King Cailean announces that he will go on a nationwide tour, performing live shows for his fans.
  • August 2021: King Cailean releases his first merchandise line.
  • October 2021: King Cailean’s TikTok account hits 5 million followers.
  • December 2021: King Cailean is featured in several major publications, including Forbes and Time Magazine.
  • January 2022: King Cailean announces that he will be launching his podcast.
  • March 2022: King Cailean’s TikTok account hits 10 million followers.
  • April 2022: King Cailean releases a book about his life and career.

King Cailean’s rise to fame has been meteoric, with his funny and relatable content resonating with millions worldwide viewers. From humble beginnings on TikTok, he has built a brand encompassing live performances, merchandise, and even a book. With no signs of slowing down, King Cailean will continue entertaining his fans for years.

Age, Height, Birthday, Parents

Cailean was born in 2002. He comes from a White ethnicity. Cailean grew up in an American family itself. Not much is available about his parents or his personal life.

According to his age, Cailean is probably in college by now. King has blue eyes and blonde hair.

king Cailean Age


The TikTok, Cailean, named himself King when he joined TikTok. His caption mentions King of POVs, King of Simps and King of Humor. That is the reason why most people know him by that name. People follow Cailean for his content with the point of view, humour and comedy skits. He is active on the app and uploads content continuously.

Despite the rumour on the internet about Cailean’s video where he assaulted a girl, there has been no follow-up news about any investigation. The story was that he took advantage of her unconscious state. Some sources say that his friend Denzel Jackson was part of the crime they committed.

The creator never confirmed or denied the allegation. There is no evidence on the subject yet. We do not have information about who the girl was. Nonetheless, his fans supported him, saying that he was innocent and nothing as such ever happened.

Also, many content creators have been talking about the situation and creating videos regarding the topic. You will find many videos surrounding it.

Some sources mention that King went to jail for the incident, but no verified source exists. So it is still unknown if the event really happened and if there was ever a video.

Net Worth

Cailean has over one hundred thousand followers on TikTok. So far, he accumulated six million likes on the site. King is active on YouTube, too. Over one thousand people subscribe to his channel, and he has over two thousand views on average. TikTok joined YouTube on January 31, 2020. The total number of ideas he has so far is over eight thousand.

Similarly, King is active on Instagram, too. He has over fourteen thousand followers there. The social media personality likes uploading pictures and videos of himself on the photo-sharing platform. You will find photos of him with his friends, too. Likewise, he uses it to interact with his fans.

The information about Cailean’s net worth is unknown. He does not share details about his income or wealth.

Fun Facts

  • His POV videos are the most popular.
  • Cailean once took a hiatus from social media.
  • Cailean lives in Indiana.
  • King smokes cigarettes.
  • He likes singing and can do freestyle rap.
  • He has braces on his teeth.
  • Find him on Instagram @kingcailean.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is King Cailean?

Cailean is an internet personality who rose to fame from his content on video video-sharing app TikTok.

How old is King Cailean?

Cailean is 21 years old.

What did King Cailean do?

There’s a rumour about Cailean’s video where he assaulted a girl.

Where is King Cailean from?

King Cailean is from America


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