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Who is Kevin David Lehmann?

Kevin David Lehmann is a German businessman and Entrepreneur best known as the youngest billionaire in the world in 2021. He became the youngest billionaire after inheriting the assets of his father, Guenther Lehmann. Kevin’s father was formerly a 50% shareholder of the German drug store and household product chain Drogerie Markt.

According to reliable feedback, the annual revenue produced by the drugstore clocks in at about $11 million. Official websites confirm that the empire has over 3,000 stores across Germany, estimated to house more than 40,000 workers.

Full NameKevin David Lehmann
ProfessionBusinessman & Entrepreneur
Popular ForOwns 50% of Germany’s leading drugstore chain, dm (Drogerie Markt)

Birthday and Zodiac

Age (As of 2023)21 year old
Date of BirthSeptember 2002
Zodiac SignN/A
Birth PlaceKarlsruhe, Germany



Physical Stats

Eye colourN/A

Net Worth

Estimated Net worth2.2 billion USD

Family and Relationship                  

FatherGünther Lehmann

Social Media

Social mediaN/A

Kevin Lehmann Biography TimeLine

Kevin David Lehmann is a German heir and billionaire born in September 2002 in Germany. He is the youngest billionaire in the world and the sole heir to the DM-drogerie markt, a drugstore chain founded by his father, Günther Lehmann, in the 1970s. Kevin inherited his father’s fortune after he passed away in 2017.

  • September 2002: Kevin David Lehmann was born in Germany to Günther Lehmann, the founder of DM-drogerie markt, and his wife.
  • 2017: Günther Lehmann passed away, and Kevin inherited his father’s 50% stake in DM-drogerie markt, estimated to be over $3 billion.
  • 2021: Forbes declared Kevin David Lehmann as the youngest billionaire in the world, with an estimated net worth of $3.3 billion.
  • 2021: Kevin enrolled at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland to study business administration.

Despite being a billionaire, Kevin has kept a low profile and is rarely seen in the public eye. He prefers to live quietly and has shown no interest in using his wealth for ostentatious purposes. Instead, he is focused on pursuing his education and building his career.

Kevin Lehmann Bio, Age, Education

Kevin David Lehmann was brought up in September 2002 in Karlsruhe, Germany. Currently, the young billionaire is 21 years old. Kevin’s father is Guenther Lehmann, owner of the family grocery chain pfannkuch in Germany. Apart from his father’s identity, no records unveil the young billionaire’s family tree.

Similarly, he and his father have retained a low profile in the limelight. Likewise, Kevin’s zodiac sign and ethnicity are yet to be disclosed. At the same time, his personal information has also been kept confidential from the media.

Kevin David lehmann Bio

Professional Life: Kevin David Lehmann

Goetz Werner started the company, which Kevin inherited in 1973. Werner opened the first store in Karlsruhe, Germany, which grew continuously throughout the states. Kevin’s father, Guenther, took a stake in the company and acquired 50% of the company’s shares due to a lack of the founder’s capital. Later, in 2017, the ownership of the empire was transferred to Kevin. The drugstore chain has an estimated network of nearly 4,000 stores nationwide.

Personal Life of Kevin

The Young Entrepreneur is hesitant to let in on the information when it comes to his personal life. Like his father, Kevin is not available on social media platforms. Moreover, he has yet to disclose any information on his relationship status. Similarly, his personal choices, interests and hobbies remain a mystery. Likewise, there

What is Kevin Lehmann’s Net worth in 2022?

Kevin David Lehmann is estimated to have a net fortune of $2.2 billion. He has procured a substantial inheritance from his father’s stake in the German chain drugstore Drogerie Markt. The drugstore chain is reported to generate $12 billion in annual revenue.

Social Media

Kevin has a self-conscious personality since he is not available on social media platforms. It is understandable since he might not be seeking attention from the unknown or unwanted.


  • Kevin David Lehman was born in 2002 and is currently 19 years old.
  • He is a renowned businessman and Entrepreneur, well known as the youngest billionaire of 2021.
  • He has not disclosed any personal life or family tree information, excluding his father, Guenther Lehmann.
  • The young billionaire is not available on social media handles.
  • The estimated net worth of Kevin David Lehmann is $2.2 billion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Kevin David Lehmann?

Kevin David Lehmann is a German businessman, Entrepreneur, and the youngest billionaire in the world.

What is Kevin David Lehmann’s age?

Kevin David Lehmann is 21 years old.

How did Kevin David Lehmann become a billionaire?

Kevin David Lehmann inherited his wealth from his father, Guenther Lehmann, who founded the German drugstore chain dm-drogerie markt.

What is the net worth of Kevin David Lehmann?

Kevin David Lehmann’s net worth is estimated at $3.3 billion.

What is Kevin David Lehmann’s role in the family business?

Kevin David Lehmann has no active role in the family business, dm-drogerie markt. He is currently pursuing his ventures as an entrepreneur.

What other businesses has Kevin David Lehmann invested in?

Kevin David Lehmann has invested in several startups, including the German electric scooter Tier Mobility and the U.S.-based payment processing company Stripe.

Where is Kevin David Lehmann based?

Kevin David Lehmann is based in Germany but has also spent time in the United States for his business ventures.

What philanthropic activities is Kevin David Lehmann involved in?

Kevin David Lehmann is known to be involved in philanthropic activities, particularly education and social justice.

How has Kevin David Lehmann’s wealth affected his lifestyle?

Little information about Kevin David Lehmann’s lifestyle is available, but he is known to be private and low-key.


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