Greta Van Fleet Vocalist Joshua Kiszka: Age, Nationality, Height, Net Worth, & Ethnicity

Joshua Kiszka
About Intro
Celebrity Name Joshua Kiszka
Profession Vocalist in Greta Van Fleet
Height 5 ft, 3 inches
Age 24 years old
Birth Date April 23, 1996
Birth Sign Taurus
Birth Place Frankenmuth, Michigan
Nationality American
Ethnicity Polish
Estimated Net Worth $1 million (approximately)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Father n/a
Mother Karen Kiszka
Siblings Jake Kiszka, Samuel Kiszka, Veronica Kiszka (Ronnie)
Relatives n/a

Who is  Joshua Kiszka?

Joshua Kiszka is the lead vocalist of the famous American rock band, Greta Van Fleet. He is both the vocalist and founder of Greta Van Fleet hailing from Michigan. He is also called Josh Kiszka.

Joshua founded the classical rock band alongside Jake Kiszka, who is his twin brother and his other sibling Samuel Kiszka. They formed the band in 2012. In 2013, Kylie Hauck joined Greta Van Fleet as a drummer. While Jake Kiszka is the guitarist, Samuel Kiszka plays bass. Kylie Hauck left their band in 2013, and drummer Daniel Wagner replaced his place.

Joshua Kiszka Age, Birthday, Family, Childhood, & Bisexual Rumors

Joshua Kiszka Height

Joshua is 24 years old and has a twin brother named Jake Kiszka. His birth date is April 23, 1996. He has a younger brother named Samuel Kiszka and a sister named Veronica “Ronnie” Kiszka. He was born in Frankenmuth, Michigan and he grew up there. Joshua went to Frankenmuth High School. He is five feet, three inches in height and has brown, curly hair as well as eyes. The singer has a slim body type. He likes meditating for peace of mind and body.

Some sources mention that Josh’s father was a chemist while others say he was a multi-instrumentalist and musician. His mother’s name is Karen Kiszka. From their childhood itself, the Kiszka siblings loved music, films and literature. On family skiing trips, they grabbed musical instruments and played together. Kiszka likes to write, direct, shoot and edit the music videos for the band as well.

He reveals no information on his relationship anywhere. There was a rumour about him being bisexual, but it was just a rumour. The singer is straight and does not like to talk about his relationship and personal life in the forefront.

Joshua Greta Van Fleet Band

Greta Van Fleet

Classical rock music is an inspiration for the musical style of the Joshua Kiszka and the band. Musicians like John Lee Hooker, Joe Cocker, John Denver, Eric Clapton and Keith Richards are his favourites among others. The group is often admired and at the same time criticized for their resemblance with the classic rock band, Led Zeppelin. Also, fans make a comparison between the singing style of Joshua to Robert Plant, given that Led Zeppelin is one of their inspirations. The singer Robert Plant commended Josh’s band as being a talented and emerging band in the current music scene.

Greta Van Fleet’s music is called both blues-rock and hard rock. However, the band members bonded over their love for blues music. The vinyl collection of their parents influenced them.

In 2019, the band showed up at the Saturday Night live as guests and dropped their third single namely Lover, Leaver in May 2019.


Joshua co-founded the band Greta Van Fleet formed in 2012. In March 2017, Lava Records got the musicians on board for a record deal Black Smoke Rising is their debut album.

The band takes the name of a young lady Kiszka brothers knew in Frankenmuth with the name Greta Van Fleet. The famous rock band made their debut on television with Jimmy Fallon’s show The Tonight Show. They performed the first song from their first album on the show. It was When the Curtain Falls.

The talented band has bagged three major awards including:

  • Loudwire Music Award for Best New Artist in the year 2017,
  • Grammy Award for Best Rock Album From the Fires in the year 2019
  • iHeart Radio Music Award for Rock Song of the Year for the Safari song in 2019
  • They were nominated for other three awards namely Grammy awards for Best New Artist, Best Rock Song and Best Rock Performance; all of these nominations took place in 2019.

Joshua Kiszka Vocal Range

Vocal Range of Joshua Kiszka

The singer has a very soulful and powerful voice. He mentioned that no artificial effects are in place in band performances at concerts. Kiszka mentions that he worked very hard to attain the style he wanted for his singing ability. He is an extremely talented young man who focuses on getting better each day.

Joshua’s voice sounds a lot like the raspier version of Robert Plant. The band mentioned Led Zeppelin is one of their inspirations which makes complete sense. He wants to expand his vocal range in future.

Social Media Reach

With the soulful voice and amazing music they create, the artists have a broad presence on all social media sites like Twitter, Youtube and Instagram.

Joshua has 100,000 followers on Instagram and Twitter. The band’s youtube account has more than ten million viewership.

Kiszka upload pictures of himself, the band and of nature and home on Twitter. While people mention he sounds like Robert Plant, his fashion sense resembles that of Robert Plant.

Joshua Kiszka Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Joshua was $1 million in 2019. Their primary source of income is music.

The band members earn from their stage performance and the album sales. Brand endorsements are a source of income too. Joshua owns a beautiful villa and noble things.

Fun Facts About Joshua Kiszka

  • He is a vegan.
  • He smokes but does not drink.
  • He likes his time away from technology, exploring and meditating.
  • He loves writing movie scripts and taking photographs.
  • He dislikes spending too much time in front of the television.
  • You can find Joshua on Instagram @josh_gvf


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