H.E.R. (Gabriella Wilson): Unveiling Her Love Life

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Who is Gabriella Wilson Dating? Disclosing H.E.R. Relationship status

One star in the gleaming music galaxy shines with a mysterious allure, capturing hearts with her melodious voice and profound artistry – Gabriella Wilson, known as H.E.R.

While her Grammy-nominated tunes echo in the ears of music enthusiasts worldwide, her personal life remains a beautifully composed symphony hidden behind the curtain of fame.

An enigma in the truest sense, H.E.R. has often left fans speculating about her romantic ties. Queries surrounding her relationship status abound.

Is the illustrious singer-songwriter seeing someone? Or is she navigating the journey of life on a solo voyage?

This blog article aims to shed light on these questions, offering an in-depth look into H.E.R.’s love life based on available information and understanding her need for privacy.

Full NameGabriella Sarmiento Wilson
Known asH.E.R.
ProfessionAmerican Singer
Popular ForAmerican R&B Song

Birthday and Zodiac

Age (As of 2023)26 years old
Date of BirthJune 27, 1997
Zodiac SignCancer
Birth PlaceVallejo, California, United States


SchoolRodriguez High School

Physical Stats

Height5 Feet 3 Inches
Eye ColorDark Brown
Weight62 kg (136.5 lbs.)

Net Worth

Estimated Net Worth$2 Million and $5 Million

Family and Relationship                   

FatherKenny Wilson
MotherAgnes Wilson
SiblingsAlex Wilson

Social Media

Social MediaInstagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook

Who is Gabriella Wilson, aka H.E.R.?

Known to the world by her stage name H.E.R., Gabriella Wilson, born on June 27, 1997, in Vallejo, California, is a celebrated American singer and songwriter.

Now at 26, she has etched an indelible mark in the music industry, with a stunning five Grammy Award nominations.

Raised in a musically inclined household, her father, Kenny Wilson, a musician with the local band Urban Bushmen, undoubtedly influenced her artistic journey.

Gabriella’s talent was evident early on, as she played Alicia Keys on the piano at the Today Show and performed at the renowned Apollo Theatre.

Expanding her repertoire, she also ventured into acting, with a role in the Nickelodeon T.V. film “School Gyrls.” H.E.R.’s journey is a testament to her multitudinous talents and relentless drive for success.

H.E.R. Age

H.E.R. Biography Timeline

H.E.R., whose real name is Gabriella Wilson, is a talented American singer and songwriter known for her soulful R&B tracks. Here’s a timeline that captures some significant moments of her life and career:


  • June 27: Gabriella “Gabi” Wilson is born in Vallejo, California.


  • Around ten years old, Gabi appears on TV shows, showcasing her musical talent, notably on “Today”, where she covers Alicia Keys.


  • Gabi released a single titled “Something to Prove” under her real name.


  • September: The mysterious artist H.E.R. debuts with the seven-song EP “H.E.R. Volume 1.” It’s later revealed that H.E.R. stands for “Having Everything Revealed.”


  • June: She releases “H.E.R. Volume 2.”
  • October: Both EPs are combined and released as the album “H.E.R.”


  • June: Releases the EP “I Used to Know Her: The Prelude.”
  • November: Another EP, “I Used to Know Her: Part 2”, is released.
  • H.E.R. earns her first Grammy nominations, and in the following year’s ceremony, she wins Best R&B Album for “H.E.R.” and Best R&B Performance for “Best Part,” a collaboration with Daniel Caesar.


  • August: H.E.R. releases the compilation album “I Used to Know Her.”
  • Continues to rise in prominence with various collaborations and performances, including at the Grammy Awards.


  • Releases singles such as “Damage” and “Comfortable,” further solidifying her status in the R&B scene.
  • Collaborates with Skip Marley on the track “Slow Down.”


  • March: Wins Song of the Year at the Grammy Awards for “I Can’t Breathe.”
  • April: Drops the single “Come Through” featuring Chris Brown.
  • June: Wins the Academy Award for Best Original Song for “Fight for You” from the film “Judas and the Black Messiah.”

H.E.R.’s musical journey is marked by her soulful voice, poignant lyrics, and ability to blend various genres seamlessly. Given her trajectory, she will likely continue to influence the music world.

Who is H.E.R. married to?

The enigmatic and talented H.E.R., also known as Gabriella Wilson, has yet to walk down the aisle. She is presently single, according to available information.

The accomplished musician keeps her personal life under wraps, making it challenging to ascertain her relationship status.

At this juncture, there’s no evidence to suggest that she is dating or in a committed relationship.

If updates about H.E.R.’s love life emerge, they will likely come directly from her, ensuring authenticity and respect for her privacy.

Gabi’s Relationship Timeline

  • Pre-H.E.R. era (Before 2016): During this time, Gabriella worked on her music and honed her skills. There’s no publicly available information about any relationships during this period.
  • The Birth of H.E.R. (2016): According to the Los Angeles Times, the H.E.R. persona was born from a studio session where Gabriella was recovering from a broken heart due to a toxic relationship. The identity of her ex remains undisclosed.
  • Post-H.E.R. debut (2017 – 2023): There were rumours in 2019 linking her romantically with musician Skip Marley as they promoted their single, “Slow Down,” but neither confirmed nor denied these speculations. There’s no verified information about any romantic relationships.

Are you debunking Rumors and Controversies: I.S. H.E.R. pregnant?

In the whirlwind of celebrity life, rumours and speculations often whirl around, mainly concerning personal matters. H.E.R., also known as Gabriella Wilson, has not been immune to this.

No credible reports or confirmations indicate that she is pregnant. These are merely baseless predicaments circulated without substantial evidence.

Similarly, in November 2019, fans speculated about a possible relationship between H.E.R. and Bob Marley’s grandson, Skip Marley.

This speculation was stirred up as they promoted their single, “Slow Down.” However, these rumours remained unaddressed by both musicians, suggesting their possible inaccuracy.

What is H.E.R. Sexuality? Is Gabriella Gay

H.E.R., known offstage as Gabriella Wilson, has not publicly stated that she identifies as gay. As per available information, she identifies as a straight female.

However, it’s important to note that someone’s sexuality is their matter and should always be respected.

H.E.R.’s Relationships, Dating History, Hookups and Boyfriends

Gabriella Wilson, known globally by her stage name H.E.R., has managed to keep her personal life private.

However, it’s suggested that she has been in at least one relationship in the past, though the identity of her potential romantic partner remains undisclosed.

The Los Angeles Times shed some light on this aspect of her life, indicating that the concept of H.E.R. was born out of a studio as the singer was mending from a broken heart caused by a toxic relationship.

This impactful experience, though painful, has fuelled her artistic expression.

Yet, while maintaining her privacy and dignity, H.E.R. has chosen not to disclose her former partner’s name, demonstrating her respect for personal boundaries and the past.

Our analysis points towards an intriguing and carefully guarded personal life of H.E.R., or Gabriella Wilson, a celebrated figure in the music industry.

Despite the speculations and assumptions that often swirl around public figures, Gabriella has managed to maintain a respectful distance between her personal and professional life. This ensures that her music remains the primary focus of public attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is H.E.R. in the music industry?

H.E.R., whose real name is Gabriella Wilson, is a celebrated American singer and songwriter with multiple Grammy Award nominations.

What does H.E.R. stand for?

H.E.R. stands for Having Everything Revealed, embodying the singer’s approach to her music and public persona.

Is H.E.R. married?

H.E.R. is not married, and there is no publicly available information about her being in a relationship.

Who has H.E.R. dated in the past?

While she is known to have experienced heartbreak from a toxic relationship, the identity of her past partner(s) remains undisclosed.

Is H.E.R. pregnant?

No credible information suggests that H.E.R. is pregnant.

What is H.E.R.’s sexuality?

H.E.R. identifies as a straight female, as per available information.

Where is H.E.R. originally from?

H.E.R. was born and raised in Vallejo, California.


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