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Who Is Ernest Lee Thomas?

Ernest Lee Thomas is an American actor born on March 26, 1949, in Gary, Indiana, United States, and he is now 74 years old. Likewise, He is famous for his roles as Roger Raj Thomas, who many people liked.

Full NameErnest Lee Thomas
ProfessionAmerican Actor
Popular ForRole As Roger Raj Thomas

Birthday and Zodiac

Age (As of 2023)74 years old
Date of BirthMarch 26, 1949
Zodiac SignAries
Birth PlaceGary, Indiana, United States


School/UniversityAmerican Academy Of Dramatic School

Physical Stats

Height5 Feet 4 Inches
Eye ColorBrown
Weight76 Kg

Net worth

Estimated net worth$500 Thousand

Family and Relationship

FatherAlan Thicke
MotherGloria Loring
WifeJulie Robinson
SiblingsKatelyn Tarver

Social media

Social MediaInstagram, Twitter

Ernest Lee Thomas Biography TimeLine

Ernest Lee Thomas is an American actor best known for his role as Raj in the 1970s sitcom “What’s Happening!!” and its 1980s spin-off “What’s Happening Now!!” In addition to his acting career, Thomas has been a voice actor and director.

  • March 26, 1949: Ernest Lee Thomas was born in Gary, Indiana.
  • 1975-1979: Thomas stars as Roger “Raj” Thomas on the sitcom “What’s Happening!!”
  • 1985-1988: Thomas stars in the spin-off series “What’s Happening Now!!”
  • 1990: Thomas provides the voice for characters in the animated series “Kid ‘n Play.”
  • 1993: Thomas makes a guest appearance on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”
  • 2005: Thomas directs an episode of the sitcom “One on One.”
  • 2019: Thomas has a small role in the film “Dolemite Is My Name,” starring Eddie Murphy.
  • Present day: Thomas continues to act and direct, occasionally appearing in film and television.

Ernest Lee Thomas gained fame in the 1970s for his role as Raj on the sitcom “What’s Happening!!” He reprised the position in the show’s 1980s spin-off, “What’s Happening Now!!” Thomas has also worked as a voice actor and director, with credits including “Kid ‘n Play” and “One on One.” His most recent appearance was in the 2019 film “Dolemite Is My Name.” Thomas’s talent and versatility have allowed him a successful career in the entertainment industry for several decades.

Ernest Lee Thomas’s Eye

In 2016, while he was in a comedy horror short film Earworm, he had an eye condition called amblyopia. It is a lazy eye condition in which vision in one eye is caused by abnormal visual development early in life. Likewise, It generally develops from birth to 7 years old and is a leading cause of decreased vision among children. Therefore, It might occur in both eyes. Thomas was born with this one-eye lazy condition, which does not let his talent bow down. Consequently, He proved that talent matters all of the above.

Ernest Lee Thomas Age

Ernest Lee Thomas’s Wife

He is entertaining and, kind, loving, although he didn’t have any commitment to any of the girls at her many ages. Likewise, News has reported that he was not in love with anybody but played with many girls and didn’t get a chance to choose one for his lifetime. It is also said that he was married to a dancer girl named Julie Robinson.

Ernest Lee Thomas’s Net Worth

Ernest Lee is a famous American actor who is known all over the world for his acting. After doing theatre, he might earn considerable money, and his net worth is estimated at $500 thousand. It is enormous and can be enough to fulfil all his needs and demands as he doesn’t have any family, money, or a house; nothing will be shared with anyone except him.

Ernest Lee Thomas Height

Ernest Lee Thomas doesn’t seem taller, as he has the average height used in every film and series. Likewise, he is 5 feet 4 inches, which is not too tall or short. Similarly, We can say that even if he’s average height, his acting skills have made people his fans, so we can say that talent matters, not looks. His size is normal to get acting in the movie industry.

Ernest Lee Thomas’s Age

Ernest Lee has a height of 76 kg as he is male. They have a considerable weight compared to women and can easily lift a heavy load. Likewise, He was born on March 26, 1949, and he is now 74 years old, and his height is similar to his weight, 76 kg.

Ernest Lee Thomas Movies And TV Shows

Ernest Lee Thomas is a well-known acting star in the movie industry who has played several roles his age in movies and series. Likewise, He quickly became famous for his films and series in which he played a perfect part. Therefore, His movies and series are Everybody Hates Chris, Chocolate City, Earworm, Mega Shark, Chocolate City, etc.

Ernest Lee Thomas Brother

He has not mentioned much about his brother, so we do not have any information regarding him. Still, we know he is so close to his siblings, and his one sibling, Katelyn Tarver, is very close to him as he shares everything with his brother.

Ernest Lee Thomas Family

Ernest Lee Thomas has a tiny and mysterious happy life. Likewise, His father’s name is Alan Thicke, and his mother’s is Gloria Loring. He has not shared much about his brother and sister. News has reported that he has one brother and a sister as siblings whose names and professions have not been disclosed.


  • Ernest Lee Thomas was born on March 21, 1949, in Gary, Indiana, United States.
  • Ernest Lee Thomas is 74 years old, according to 2023.
  • He has done many movies and series in the film industry.
  • Ernest Lee Thomas’s net worth is estimated at $500 thousand.
  • Ernest Lee Thomas’s height is 5 feet 4 inches and weighs about 76 kg.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Ernest Lee Thomas?

Ernest Lee Thomas is an American actor best known for his role as Roger “Raj” Thomas on the 1970s sitcom “What’s Happening!!”

When was Ernest Lee Thomas born?

Ernest Lee Thomas was born on March 26, 1949.

Where is Ernest Lee Thomas from?

Ernest Lee Thomas was born in Gary, Indiana, United States.

What other notable roles have Ernest Lee Thomas played?

Aside from his iconic role in “What’s Happening!!,” Ernest Lee Thomas has appeared in various TV shows and films, including “Malcolm X” and “Everybody Hates Chris.”

Did Ernest Lee Thomas win any awards for his acting?

Ernest Lee Thomas has not won any significant awards for his acting career.

Is Ernest Lee Thomas still active in the entertainment industry?

Yes, Ernest Lee Thomas continues to work in the entertainment industry, appearing in TV shows, films, and theatre productions.

Did Ernest Lee Thomas have any other jobs besides acting?

Ernest Lee Thomas has primarily focused on his acting career and worked as a stand-up comedian and voice actor.

Has Ernest Lee Thomas appeared in any stage productions?

Ernest Lee Thomas has appeared in stage productions, including theatrical plays and musicals.

What is Ernest Lee Thomas’s net worth?

Ernest Lee Thomas’s net worth is estimated at around $500 Thousand.

Did Ernest Lee Thomas make any guest appearances on other TV shows?

Yes, Ernest Lee Thomas has made guest appearances on various TV shows, including “The Cosby Show” and “Martin.”

Does Ernest Lee Thomas have any social media accounts?

Ernest Lee Thomas does not have verified public social media accounts.

Did Ernest Lee Thomas pursue any other career paths outside of acting?

Ernest Lee Thomas has primarily focused on his acting career but has also been involved in community work and supporting educational initiatives.

What is Ernest Lee Thomas’s ethnicity?

Ernest Lee Thomas is African American.


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