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Who is Derek Deso?

Derek Deso is a well-known American social media celebrity who has amassed a large following. Derek Deso is a YouTube phenomenon best known for being a member of the prank video collective ‘TheBoogShow.’

Celebrity NameDerek Deso
Popular ForPrank Videos
ProfessionAmerican Social Media Celebrity
Estimated Net Worth$700,000

Birthday and Zodiac

Age (As of 2023)36 years old
Birth DateApril 27, 1987
Birth SignTaurus
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, California,


Bellflower High School

Physical Stats

Height6 feet 4 inch
Weight75 kg
Body MeasurementN/A
Body TypeN/A
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorBrown

Family and relatives

Girlfriend Sophia Turner
Children Quincy
SiblingsRyan and Steven Deso
Contact DetailsInstagram, Facebook, Twitter

Biography TimeLine

Derek Deso is a popular social media personality known for his comedic skits and pranks on YouTube and Instagram. He was born on April 27, 1987, in California. Here is a detailed biography timeline of Derek Deso’s life:

  • April 27, 1987: Derek Deso was born in California.
  • 2010: Derek began uploading videos to YouTube under the username “DesoNation”.
  • 2014: Derek gained popularity on Vine, amassing over 500,000 followers.
  • 2015: Derek and his ex-girlfriend Lycette Cornejo started the YouTube channel “Derek and Lycette”, where they posted pranks and vlogs.
  • 2016: Derek and Lycette broke up and continued making videos independently.
  • 2018: Derek started dating fellow YouTuber Sophia Turner, and they frequently appeared in each other’s videos.
  • 2019: Derek and Sophia got engaged.
  • 2020: Derek and Sophia welcomed their first son, Legend.
  • 2021: Derek and Sophia got married in a private ceremony.

Derek Deso has become a popular social media figure known for his comedic skits and pranks that often involve his friends and family. He began his career on YouTube in 2010 and gained popularity on Vine before transitioning back to YouTube. Derek’s ex-girlfriend, Lycette Cornejo, played a significant role in his early career, and they started a joint YouTube channel before breaking up in 2016. Derek has since started a new chapter in his personal life, getting engaged to Sophia Turner in 2019 and welcoming their son Legend in 2020. Derek’s fans have followed his journey from a struggling content creator to a successful social media personality with a growing family.

Childhood and Early Life

On April 27, 1987, Derek Deso was born in Los Angeles, California, in the United States of America. His zodiac sign is Taurus, and he is currently 36 years old. Deso also has two brothers, Ryan and Steven Deso. In one of his videos, Derek mentions that his mother is a self-sufficient woman who raised him and his brothers alone. However, he has remained tight-lipped regarding his parents and relatives.

Talking about his educational background, he attended Bellflower High School. Deso is a dog lover who frequently shares photos of his dogs on social media. His favourite food is fried chicken, and his favourite television show is Family Guy. Deso enjoys travelling and cooking as well.

Derek Deso

Professional Life and Career

Derek began his professional career in social media in August 2010 when he formed the ‘TheBoogShow’ YouTube group channel with his friends NessBoog, Qbanguy, and Lil Moco. The group released their first video, titled ‘The Boog Show Intro,’ in mid-August, in which they gave their introduction.

Prank videos, including deadly critters and food and drink challenges, are popular on the channel. ‘Man Almost Dies Eating Ghost Pepper’ has received millions of views on YouTube. They released a video with his friends titled ‘Last One To DRINK Water WINS (WORLD’S SPICIEST FOODS)’ on February 18, 2019.

He also started his own YouTube channel, ‘DerekDeso,’ which has millions of subscribers. He shares content such as challenges, pranks, sketches, family moments, and other fun things. ‘DerekDesoDaily,’ his second channel, has millions of subscribers—all three channels post videos of a similar nature for fans to watch and enjoy.

Relationships Wife/Girlfriend

Derek had a relationship with his former girlfriend, Lycette Cornejo, a social media personality like Derek Deso. Deso announced their wedding date on July 1 with a gorgeous photo.

Furthermore, the relationship appeared more vigorous than ever, as they were seen together in practically every location. They also worked together on several videos. The duo was popular with their audience based on the number of views.

Derek and Lycette did, however, release a video on their YouTube channel on September 19, 2018. Lycette revealed that the two had been trying for a baby for some time and were now pregnant. After their breakup rumours, he enjoys being single.

Lycette Cornejo, Deso’s former longtime girlfriend, was his accomplice in crime for years. After the two divorced in 2019, he began dating Sophia Turner and got engaged for a few months, and after some time, they got married.

Physical Appearance Height, Weight

He stands 6 feet 4 inches tall, or 193 cm, and weighs 75 kg or 165 pounds. Derek has a fantastic body image, which he flaunts on Instagram. Deso has a set of gorgeous brown eyes and dark brown hair that he frequently dyes, in addition to his robust body.

Derek has a lot of tattoos all over his body. His right hand is covered with tattoos, and his left hand bears an ‘OMERTA’ tattoo.

Net Worth

The YouTube star has millions of admirers and followers on his three YouTube channels. His videos bring in a sizable sum of money for him. Deso can get 350K views on average from various sources, and his net worth is estimated to be over $700,000. Deso makes the majority of his money from his lucrative YouTube career. Aside from that, he supplements his income by running advertisements on his YouTube channel.

Social Media

Derek is well-known on various social media platforms. On Instagram, he now has over 181 thousand followers. He’s also on Twitter, where he has around 16.8K followers. Similarly, he has over 3.4 million fans on his official Facebook profile.


  1. He got married to Sophia Turner.
  2. Deso is a famous social media personality.
  3. He has 3.4 million followers on his official Facebook profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Derek Deso?

Derek Deso is an American social media celebrity known for his presence on platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

What is Derek Deso known for?

Derek Deso is known for creating comedic content, pranks, challenges, and vlogs on his YouTube channel.

Who is Derek Deso’s wife?

Sophia Turner is Derek Deso’s wife.

Are Sophia and Derek Deso still together?

Yes, Sophia and Derek Deso are still together.

Who is Derek Deso?

Derek Deso is a well-known YouTuber.

What is Derek Deso’s fiance’s name?

Derek Deso’s fiance’s name is Sophia Turner.

How much is Derek Deso worth?

Derek Deso’s net worth is about $700k.

How old is Derek Deso?

Derek Deso was born on April 27, 1987, around 36 years old.

Where is Derek Deso from?

Derek Deso is from Los Angeles, California, United States.

What is Derek Deso’s real name?

Derek Deso’s real name is Derek Desorcy.

Does Derek Deso have a family?

Yes, Derek Deso has a son named Landon Desorcy. He has featured his son in some of his YouTube videos.

Is Derek Deso married?

Yes, Derek Deso is married to fellow social media influencer Lycette Cornejo, also known as Lycette Cornejo Deso.

How did Derek Deso become famous?

Derek Deso gained popularity through his YouTube channel, where he started by sharing pranks and comedic content that resonated with viewers.

Does Derek Deso have any other social media accounts?

Yes, Derek Deso is active on Instagram under the username @derekdeso.

Does Derek Deso have merchandise?

Yes, Derek Deso has an online merchandise store where fans can purchase clothing and accessories.

Has Derek Deso collaborated with other YouTubers or social media influencers?

Yes, Derek Deso has collaborated with various YouTubers and social media influencers, including his wife, Lycette Cornejo and other popular creators.

Is Derek Deso active on other social media platforms?

Derek Deso primarily focuses on YouTube and Instagram but may also have accounts on other platforms, such as Twitter and TikTok.

What are some of Derek Deso’s most popular YouTube videos?

Some of Derek Deso’s most popular YouTube videos include “I Lost Our Baby Prank,” “Caught Cheating on My Girlfriend Prank,” and “Destroying My Wife’s Designer Shoes Prank.”


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