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Bryan Spade Wiki

Who is Bryan Spade?

There are several ways to introduce Bryan Spade. Apart from his degree in Emergency Medical Technician from Mesa Community College, the man is the brother of famous actor and Television personality David Spade. His shares several genetic characteristics due to his mixed-racial parents. They belong to German, English, Scottish, and Irish ethnicity.

As far as family roles go, Bryan is the oldest among the Spade brothers. He is the brother of David Spade and Andy Spade. The good news is, all three brothers have made a name for themselves in their respective field of work. Bryan stands at the height of 5 feet 8 inches and looks younger than ever at the age of 55-year-old.

About Intro
Celebrated Name Bryan Spade
Age 56 Years
Birth Date 5th of October, 1963
Sex Male
Famous for Brother of David Spade
Birth Place Arizona, USA.
Nationality American
Birth Sign Libra
Religion Christianity
Marital Status Married
Siblings Andy Spade, David Spade
Children None
Height 5 Feet 8 inches
Weight 61 Kg
Favorite Food Chinese Cuisine
Education Graduated in Business Management
Net Worth ‎$1 Million US dollars
Social Media Twitter

Bryan Spade is David Spade’s Brother

Bryan Spade with David Spade

Bryan Spade Brother of David Spade’s

Bryan is David Spade’s biological brother. For those who are unfamiliar with David, he is a famous actor. Along with his acting career, the guy works as a standup comedian, writer, and television personality.

Some of these contributions include movies like Hotel Transylvania as Griffin, The Invisible Man, Grown-Ups, Father of the Year, and many more. Along with this, he is famous for his dry humour on the Saturday Night Live and movies like Joe Dirt and Tommy Boy.

Whereas Bryan’s other Brother Andy has established himself as an entrepreneur. He initiated the fashion brand called Kate Spade New York and Partners and Spade alongside his late wife, Kate Spade. Andy’s wife committed suicide in June 2018 after she lost her battle against depression.

Bio, Wiki, Date of Birth, Family

Bryan Spade Family

Bryan Spade, David Spade’s and their Mother

Bryan Spade was born on the 5th of October, 1963 in Arizona, American. The three Spade brothers were brought up by a single mom by the name of Judith M. Spade. Their father, Wayne M. Spade, did not have a part in their upbringing due to his irresponsible behaviour.

Taking care of three boys is not an easy task. To fill her family, Judith had a hard time as a mother. She worked as a secretary and department store to support her financial stability. When asked about their father, David described his father as a cool guy with a sense of humour but had bad habits like drinking and chasing other women.

It might come as a surprise, but the three brothers barely got a chance to spend time with their father. They saw their dad for two or three times a year. When Bryan was just eight years old, the man vanished from their lives never to be seen again. The guy left his young wife and three kids to themselves. Some Dad he was.

This situation left a significant financial and hierarchical void in the family. Since Judith had to feed three kids, she had to work very hard to survive. The brothers have even shared that they would sit hours at the door with their bags, hoping their father would return. To top that, society would judge their mother for leaving three little kids at home without knowing anything about their situation.

With circumstances like these, the three brothers grew up strong and independent. They knew the value of life and hard work from an early age. Bryan, in particular, had to grow up mentally as he was the eldest of the siblings. The absence of his parents due to unfavourable circumstances helped him understand the responsibilities faster and maintain peace in the family.

Bryan Spade Wife and Marriage Details

Bryan had a lot of problems growing up, but finally, he got someone he could share his blemishes. He married his love Cathy Blumling Spade on the 13th of July, 2011. The couple has a unique charm and radiance about them that differentiates them from the rest. They live in Tempe, Arizona, with the rest of the family.

Considering their upbringing, Bryan must be cherishing his family time. There are no details on his children on wedding details. Also, we do not have any information on his wife, Cathy. But judging from their photos, the duo is living their married life happily.

Bryan Spade Net Worth

Bryan Spade Net Worth

Considering the progress made by the three brothers, their mother must be very proud to have such hard-working sons. It is of no doubt that the three siblings have accumulated a substantial amount of money from their professions.

Talking about Bryan, his actual net worth details is $1 Million US dollars. He owns a self-titled production company and also works as a part-time writer for a US-based magazine that covers finance-related materials.

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  1. Kate Spade’s father abandoned her family, too, leaving Kate and the other 5 kids at a very young age–leaving her mother to tend to and care for them all on her own, as well. Men need to step up, man up. It’s a new day. Men are definitely equal to women– they just need to step up and ACT as responsibly and strong as women do.


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