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Mark Kriski Age, Wife, Health, Salary, Nationality, Profession, College, Kids, Wiki

Mark Kriski

Who is Mark Kriski?

Mark Kriski is a renowned Canadian Meteorologist born in 1956 on June 29 in Nova Scotia, Canada. Mark Kriski is one of the famous Television personalities. Mark Kriski is working on the KTLA Morning News in Los Angeles.

Furthermore, Mark Kriski worked as the DJ on Victoria, Montreal’s 980 AM, and many more. Mark was part of Canada’s The Weather Network.

Full NameMark Kriski
ProfessionTelevision Meteorologist
Popular ForNewscaster

Birthday and Zodiac

Age (As of 2022)66 years old
Date of BirthJune 29, 1956
Zodiac SignCancer
Birth PlaceNova Scotia, Canada.


School/UniversityFanshawe College

Physical Stats

Height5ft 8 inches
Eye ColorBrown
Weight73 kg

Net worth

Estimated net worthBetween $ 1 million to $ 5 million

Family and Relationship

WifeJennifer Gould
ChildrenJacqueline, Danielle, Derek, and Tamara

Social media

Social MediaInstagram, Twitter, Facebook

Mark Kriski

Mark Kriski is a Canadian-American TV personality and weather anchor. He was born in Nova Scotia, Canada, on June 29, 1956. Mark began his broadcasting career in Radio in the 1970s before transitioning to TV in the 1980s. He worked at various TV stations in Canada before moving to Los Angeles in 1991. Mark has been the weather anchor for KTLA 5 Morning News since 1991 and has become a beloved figure in Los Angeles. He has won numerous awards for his work and appeared in several movies and TV shows.

  • June 29, 1956: Mark Kriski is born in Nova Scotia, Canada.
  • 1970: Mark begins his broadcasting career in Radio in Canada.
  • 1980: Mark moves to TV and works at various stations in Canada.
  • 1991: Mark moves to Los Angeles and becomes the weather anchor for KTLA 5 Morning News.
  • 1994: Mark appears in the movie “The Little Rascals” as the weatherman.
  • 1996: Mark appears in the TV show “Touched by an Angel” as the weatherman.
  • 2006: Mark is inducted into the Canadian Broadcast Hall of Fame.
  • 2013: Mark wins the Golden Mike Award for “Best Weathercaster”.
  • 2016: Mark receives a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame.
  • 2018: Mark wins the National Television Academy’s Emmy Award for “Best Weathercaster”.

Overall, Mark Kriski has had a successful broadcasting career spanning several decades. He has become a fixture of the Los Angeles community and has earned a reputation as one of the top weather anchors in the country. Mark’s ability to connect with his audience and deliver the weather in a personable and engaging way has made him a beloved figure in Southern California. His numerous awards and honours testify to his talent and hard work.

Mark Kriski: Age, Height, and Weight

In 1956, Mark Kriski was born on June 29. The birthplace of Mark Kriski is Nova Scotia, Canada. As of 2022, Mark Kriski is 66 years old. Mark Kriski’S Nationality is American-Canadian. Mark Kriski’s Ethnicity is Polish.

Regarding Kriski’s Body Appearance, Mark Kriski is 5ft 8 inches tall and 73 kg in weight. Kristi has brown colour eyes and has brown-haired. According to Astrology, Mark Kriski’s zodiac sign is Cancer.

Mark Kriski Age

Mark Kriski: Education

After completing Schooling, Mark Kriski completed his bachelor’s from Fanshawe College. Mark Kriski graduated in Radio and television arts from Fanshawe College.

Mark Kriski: Family

Mark Kriski keeps his personal life very private. Regarding Mark Kriski’s Family & siblings, there is currently no information on the Internet.

Mark Kriski: Relationship

Currently, Mark Kriski is very happy in his married life. Previously, Mark Kriski was married to Samantha Lewis in the year 2004. Samantha Lewis was the famous director and owner of Digital Playground. But later, in 2009, Mark and Samantha Lewis got divorced. Mark and Samantha Lewis had four children named Jacqueline, Danielle, Derek, and Tamara.

After the divorce from Samantha Lewis, Mark again married his fellow mate, KTLA news caster Jennifer Gould. Mark Kriski and Jennifer Gould got married on September 24, 2011. Till now, Mark and Jennifer have had no children. Only Mark has children from his previous marriage with Samantha.

Mark Kriski: Health

Mark Kriski suffered from Serious Head and Neck injuries in the past. Also, Kriski suffered from the viral disease Pneumonia and was hospitalized. During the Illness, Mark was in a coma and had surgery. Mark Kriski was taken to hospital and slowly recovered from the illness.

Mark Kriski: Career

Regarding Mark Kriski’s careekriski’sKriski worked as a weather reporter on the news channel Canada’s WeathCanada’srk. It was Kriski’s first Kriski’srk K Kriski working as a radio disc jockey at various news stations in Canada and working as the voice-over. Mark Kriski was also part of the show name “Travel Travel”. “Travel Travel” w” s a Canadian “produced travel show filmed in Syndication. Over the ten years, Mark Kriski worked as a News reporter for many movies.

Currently, Kriski works at KTLA Morning News in Los Angeles. Before joining the KTLA, Kristi was a member of British Columbia’s Q-100 Columbia’sal’s 980 AMMontreal’s a DJ on Victoria. Moreover, Mark Kriski won a press Radio-Tv Award and eight awards. Mark Kriski is also considered the funniest Weatherman in Los Angels. Mark has also won very prestigious awards like the Golden Mike Award. Mark was awarded the Golden Mike award three times for becoming the Best weather newscaster.

In 2001, Mark Kriski was hired for the six-episode of the heaven “Consideration”, reported “g at the news “channel KRLH Channel 8. Additionally, Mark Kriski was rewarded with prestigious awards like the Emmy, A Clio, and PromaxBDA Gold.

Mark Kriski: Net worth

As of 2022, Mark Kriski’s Net Worth is between $ Kriski million.

Mark Kriski: Social Media

Mark Kriski is active on social media like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin. Mark Kriski has 28.7k followers on Twitter altogether and has followed 110 people. Likewise, on Instagram, Mark has 16.9k followers and has followed 84 people with 271 posts. Further, Mark Kriski has 33k followers and has followed nine people on Facebook. Mark also has Linkedin Account.


  • In 1956, Mark Kriski was born on June 29.
  • As of 2022, Mark Kriski is 66 years old.
  • Nova Scotia, Canada, is the birthplace of Mark Kriski.
  • Mark Kriski’s zodiac sign is Cancer.
  • Mark Kriski’s nationality is AmericaKriski’san.
  • Talking about Mark Kriski’s Body appearance, Mark Kriski’ss 5ft 8 inches tall and 73 kg in weight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Mark Kriski?

Mark Kriski is a television meteorologist known for delivering weather forecasts on television.

Where does Mark Kriski work?

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Mark Kriski works as a meteorologist for KTLA 5 Morning News in Los Angeles, California.

How long has Mark Kriski been a meteorologist?

Mark Kriski has been a meteorologist for several years, with a career spanning over three decades.

What is Mark Kriski’s background in meteorology?

Mark Kriski studied meteorology and holds a degree in atmospheric sciences from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Does Mark Kriski have any meteorological certifications?

As of my knowledge cutoff, no specific information is available about any meteorological certifications held by Mark Kriski.

What are Mark Kriski’s responsibilities as a television meteorologist?

Mark Kriski’s primary responsibility is to provide accurate weather forecasts and deliver weather-related information to viewers on television.

Does Mark Kriski specialize in any specific weather phenomena?

Mark Kriski covers a wide range of weather phenomena, including but not limited to rain, snow, wind, heat waves, and severe weather events.

Is Mark Kriski involved in any community or charity work?

Mark Kriski has been actively involved in various charitable activities and community events, using his platform to support causes and organizations.

Does Mark Kriski have any social media accounts?

Yes, Mark Kriski is active on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, where he shares weather updates and interacts with his audience.

Is Mark Kriski married?

Yes, Mark Kriski is married. According to available information, he has been in a long-term relationship with his wife, Jennifer.

Does Mark Kriski have any children?

Yes, Mark Kriski has four children. He has shared moments with his family on social media and occasionally mentioned them during his broadcasts.

What is Mark Kriski’s birthday?

Mark Kriski’s birthday is June 29, 1956.

What is Mark Kriski’s height?

Mark Kriski’s height is 5ft 8 inches.

What is Mark Kriski’s weight?

Mark Kriski’s weight is 73 kg.

What are some memorable moments from Mark Kriski’s career?

Mark Kriski has had numerous memorable moments throughout his career, including covering significant weather events, conducting interviews, and engaging with viewers during live broadcasts.



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